Entre Hermanas: Between Sisters: Women's Songs in Spanish Sung by Suni Paz

Suni Paz FW08768 / FW 8768

"I want to dedicate this album to the many women who encouraged my work and inspired, through their example, my own struggle."

Suni Paz

"Quiero dedicar este álbum a las muchas mujeres que han apoyado mi trabajo e inspirado mi lucha a través de su propio ejemplo."

Suni Paz

Year Released 1977
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1977 Folkways Records

Genre(s) Latin; Struggle & Protest; World
Country(s) Argentina
Subject(s) World music

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101 Ábrete a Mí (Open Yourself to Me) Suni Paz 2:20
102 La Muñeca (The Doll) Suni Paz 3:34
103 Caminante (Pilgrim) Suni Paz 3:54
104 Mujer (Woman) Suni Paz 2:16
105 Hilandera de Sueños (Weaver of Dreams) Suni Paz 4:19
106 Dame tu Mano (Give me Your Hand) Suni Paz 2:35
201 Antonia Suni Paz 3:19
202 Al Innombrable (To the Unmentionable One) Suni Paz 1:46
203 Alfonsina y el Mar (Alfonsina and the Sea) Suni Paz 4:38
204 La Lucha Continuará (The Struggle Goes On) Suni Paz 5:16
205 Dolores Suni Paz 3:15
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