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Brotando del Silencio - Breaking Out of the Silence


Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Abrele Paso a Mi Fusil (Open the Way to My Gun) Suni Paz 1:50
102 Prisioneros Somos (We are all Prisoners) Suni Paz 2:17
103 Quiero Decirte (We Want to Tell You Something) Suni Paz 4:05
104 Cueca del Auto (Cueca about the Car) Suni Paz 1:34
105 Albizu Campos, Sembrador (Albizu Campos, Sower) Suni Paz 2:41
106 Las Condiciones (Our Demands) Suni Paz 2:29
107 Tania, Guerrillera Suni Paz 3:03
201 A Mi Guerrero (To My Warrior) Suni Paz 3:07
202 Corrido de Aztlán (The Aztlán Corrido) Suni Paz 2:49
203 Canto a Culebra Suni Paz 3:52
204 Indio y Negro (Black and Indian) Suni Paz 1:32
205 La Bamba Chicana Suni Paz 3:07
206 Canto Y Amenecer (Song and the Dawn) Suni Paz 2:26
207 Hasta la Victoria Siempre Suni Paz 2:38