Canciones Para el Recreo: Children's Songs for the Playground

Suni Paz SFW45013

Cross-cultural entertainment for children. A superb and highly entertaining collection of songs in Spanish and English with translations. "Brings the sounds of Argentina and Chile to North American children in lovely composed folk songs with tasteful texts." —C. J. Brown, Music Educator, Folklorist, Ethnomusicologist.

This recording was reissued with additional liner notes in 2000 as Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 45055.


Entretenimiento que atravieza culturas para los niños. Una magnífica y muy entretenida colección de canciones en español y en inglés con las traducciones. ”Trae los sonidos de la Argentina y Chile a los niños y niñas de América del Norte en preciosas composiciones de canciones populares con textos de buen gusto“ - C. J. Brown, educador musical, folclorista, etnomusicólogo.

Esta grabación fue reeditada con notas adicionales en el año 2000 por Smithsonian Folkways Grabaciones 45.055.

Year Released 1989
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1989 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) Children's
Country(s) Argentina; United States
Subject(s) Music--Juvenile

Download Liner Notes

101 Llega La Manana (In the Morning) Suni Paz 2:50 Not Available for Download
102 La Gatita Carlota (Kitty Carlota) Suni Paz 1:55 Not Available for Download
103 Los Pollitos Dicen Pio, Pio (The Chicks Cry, Cry, Cry) Suni Paz 1:14 Not Available for Download
104 Quenepa/Quenepa (Tree Fruit) Suni Paz 2:05 Not Available for Download
105 Nino Lareno (Boy of Lares) Suni Paz 2:16 Not Available for Download
106 El Aguila y la Paloma (The Eagle and the Dove) Suni Paz 3:33 Not Available for Download
107 Cocoroco (Cocoro) Suni Paz 1:56 Not Available for Download
108 Tengo Dos Cabritillas (I Have Two Mountain Goats) Suni Paz 1:12 Not Available for Download
109 Cancion de Tomar el te (Song for Tea Time) Suni Paz 2:03 Not Available for Download
110 Resfalosa de mi Escuela (Dance of My School) Suni Paz 2:16 Not Available for Download
111 Cuando Estoy Triste (When I Am Sad) Suni Paz 1:48 Not Available for Download
112 Papaloapan (Papaloapan) Suni Paz 1:50 Not Available for Download
113 Por un Ratoncita (The Little Mouse) Suni Paz 1:41 Not Available for Download
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