Russian Romantic Songs

Russian Romantic Songs

Yulya MON71597

Romance as sung in this collection of songs does not refer to the passion of new love, but rather the sadness of separation from a true love. With the Russian landscape as the lyrical backdrop, Yulya sings of nature’s obstacles to being united with a lover—the expanse of the sea, the height of the mountain, the depth of the flooding river. A gentle guitar and a folksy accordion, along with the Russian balalaika, accompany Yulya’s passionate portrayal of longing. This recording includes an English translation of the original Russian lyrics.

Year Released 1992
Record Label Monitor Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1992 Monitor Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Russia; USSR (former)
Instrument(s) Accordion; Balalaika
Language(s) Russian
Subject(s) World music

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101 My Heart (Serdtse) Yulya 2:26
102 The Little Blue Kerchief (Sinii Platochek) Yulya 2:39
103 Moscow Nights (Midnight in Moscow)(Podmoskovnye Vechera) Yulya 2:36
104 The Slender Mountain Ash (Tonkaya Ryabina) Yulya 3:24
105 Silently (Tishina) Yulya 2:13
106 Katiusha Yulya 1:45
107 Should the Volga's Banks Be Flooded (Yesli Volga Razolyetsa) Yulya 3:35
108 Lonely Accordion (Odinokaya Garmon) Yulya 2:38
109 Oh, You Dear Little Night (Akh, Ty Nochenka) Yulya 3:21
110 Dark is the Night (Tyomnaya Noch) Yulya 3:05
111 Wait for Me (Zhdi Menya) Yulya 3:49
112 Far Away, Far Away (Daleko, Deleko) Yulya 3:00
113 The Boundless Expanse of the Sea (Raskinulos' Morye Shiroko ) Yulya 2:49
114 The Way You Were (Kakim Ty Byl) Yulya 2:20
115 White Nights (Belyie Nochi) Yulya 2:52
116 Don't Scold Me, My Dear (Nye Brani Menya, Rodnaya) Yulya 3:13
117 I Walk Alone Along the Road (Vykhazhu Odna Ya Na Dorogu) Yulya 2:45
118 The River Flows (Bezhit Reka) Yulya 2:41
119 Farewell Happiness (Proshchai Radost) Yulya 3:21
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