Violin Works of Igor Stravinsky

Violin Works of Igor Stravinsky

Hyman Bress FW03356 / FM 3356

On this album, Canadian violinist Hyman Bress and noted accompanist Charles Reiner play three Stravinsky violin compositions. Each piece pulses with Stravinsky’s signature rhythmic force and equal use of all 12 chromatic scale tones (12-tone technique). The recording includes a violin-piano double concerto; an Italian ballad suite based on a Baroque ballet suite; and the “Fairy’s Kiss” Divertimento. See liner notes for more information on the pieces and Stravinsky’s development of them.

Year Released 1964
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1964 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Classical
Country(s) France; Italy; Russia; United States
Instrument(s) Piano; Violin
Subject(s) Contemporary music; Neoclassic

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101 Duo Concertante: Cantilene Hyman Bress 2:55
102 Duo Concertante: Eclogue (1) Hyman Bress 2:06
103 Duo Concertante: Eclogue (2) Hyman Bress 2:46
104 Duo Concertante: Gigue Hyman Bress 3:50
105 Duo Concertante: Dithyrambe Hyman Bress 2:41
106 Suite Italienne: Introduzione Hyman Bress 2:15
107 Suite Italienne: Serenata Hyman Bress 2:46
108 Suite Italienne: Tarantella Hyman Bress 2:13
109 Suite Italienne: Gavotta con due variazioni Hyman Bress 3:11
201 Suite Italienne: Scherzino Hyman Bress 1:14
202 Suite Italienne: Minuetto and Finale Hyman Bress 3:59
203 Divertimento: Sinfonia and Dances Suisses Hyman Bress 10:04
204 Divertimento: Scherzo Hyman Bress 2:30
205 Divertimento: Pas De Deux: Adagio, Variation, Coda Hyman Bress 6:02
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