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Ring Games: Line Games and Play Party Songs of Alabama

FW07004 / FC 7004

Year of Recording
Record Label
Source Archive
101 Mary Mack Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 1:58
102 Bob a Needle Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 0:53
103 Watch That Lady Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 1:17
104 Old Lady Sally Wants to Jump Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 0:48
105 Loop de Loo Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 1:43
106 Green Green Rocky Road Lilly's Chapel School (Ala.) 1:30
201 Rosie Darling Rosie Brown's Chapel School 1:35
202 I Must See (Amasee) Brown's Chapel School 1:33
203 Bluebird Pilgrim Church School (Ala.) 1:11
204 May Go 'Round the Needle East York School (Ala.) 2:34
205 Stooping the Window East York School (Ala.) 1:08
206 Charlie Over the Ocean East York School (Ala.) 0:59