Roots of Black Music in America

Roots of Black Music in America

Various Artists FW02694 / FA 2694

This two volume-collection, is a survey of instrumental and vocal music from African cultures as well as from African American musicians in the southern United States. Producer Samuel Charters created the album with the intent to provide musical examples from "two worlds" through traditional offerings of African tribal music, cultural roots that were forcefully suppressed during the period of slavery in America, and African American music evocative of the influence of its predecessors. 41 songs, 1.3 hours, with liner notes featuring an introduction by Samuel Charters, descriptions of songs, and examples of archival documents describing early African music and black music in the southern United States.


Este segundo volume de la colección es un estudio de la música instrumental y vocal de las culturas africanas, así como de músicos afroamericanos del sur de los Estados Unidos.

El productor, Samuel Charters, creó el álbum con la intención de proporcionar ejemplos musicales de ”dos mundos“ a través de ofrendas tradicionales de la música tribal africana, las raíces culturales que fueron reprimidas con fuerza durante el período de la esclavitud en los Estados Unidos y la música afroamericana que evoca la influencia de su predecesores.

41 canciones, 1.3 horas, con notas que ofrecen una introducción a cargo de Samuel Charters, descripciones de las canciones y ejemplos de documentos de archivo que describen la música africana antigua y la música negra del sur de los Estados Unidos.

Year Released 1972
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1972 Folkways Records
Genre(s) African American Music
Country(s) Bahamas; Cameroon; Gambia; Ghana; Jamaica; Liberia; Mali; Mexico; Nigeria; Senegal; United States
Culture Group(s) African American; Akan; Anglo-American; Bafut; Basa; Baule; Dan; Dogon; Hausa; Kpelle; Kumina; Mandingo; Tuareg; Wolof
Instrument(s) Balafon; Banjo; Bass; Claves; Cymbals; Djourou; Drum; Drum kit; Gong; Guitar; Guitar, acoustic; Halam; Harp; Maraca; Marimba; Musical bow; Piano; Rattle (Musical instrument); Scraper (Musical instrument); Vocals; Woodblock; Xylophone
Language(s) English; Wolof
Subject(s) Banjo music; Blues; Brass band music; Drum music; Folk songs--United States; Gospel music; Jazz; Music--Africa; Music--Bahamas; One man bands; Rites and ceremonies; Sacred music; Street songs; String band; Weddings; Work songs

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101 Simpah - Simpa Hausa drum group 2:03
102 Jumping Dance Bahamian drum group 1:34
103 Atsiagbekor Ewe drum orchestra 1:33
104 New York String Band New York street musicians 1:31
105 Kendal Female Wolof singers 1:19
106 Everything the Monkey Do Andros Island musicians 1:09
107 Gio - Song Gio workers 1:44
108 New Orleans Street Drumming n/a 1:36
109 New Orleans/Chicago Jazz Drumming Baby Dodds 2:09
110 Anougble Festival Baoule drum orchestra 1:29
111 New York Contemporary Jazz Drumming n/a 2:01
201 Work Songs Kpelle bush cutters 1:59
202 Work Song Cameroonian coffee sifters 1:32
203 Work Song Jamaican construction workers 1:28
204 Men's Wedding Song Male Dogon singers 1:26
205 Go Down, Old Hannah n/a 1:37
206 Wives' Song / Alabama Children's Song (medley) n/a 1:36
207 Akonodey Akan Adowa musicians 1:23
208 Country Song Kumina musicians 1:12
209 Mansa Bafut musicians 1:58
210 Samba Gilajagi Wolof gewel 1:38
211 Wasting My Time J.D. Short 3:46
301 Tara Wolof gewel 2:20
302 Minstrels Tuareg musicians 2:01
303 Kentucky Banjo Instrumental n/a 0:54
304 Virginia Banjo Instrumental Wase Ward 1:27
305 Kentucky Banjo with Voice Roscoe Holcomb 1:27
306 Instrumental Kpelle musician 1:39
307 Belly Harp Bassa musicians 1:53
308 Djourou Baoule musician 1:08
309 Vera Cruz-Style Harp Yacqui musician 1:28
310 Balafon Mandingo musicians 2:04
311 Baoule Baoule musicians 1:44
312 Marimba Mexican musicians 1:27
313 Musical Bow Jon Wieh 0:59
401 I Have Two Wings Utah Smith 3:28
402 Saddlehorse Blues Daddy Hotcakes 3:12
403 When a Man Marries His Troubles Just Begin Andros Island musicians 2:41
404 Just a Little While to Stay Here Eureka Brass Band 4:01
405 He's a Friend of Mine n/a 2:42
406 Jazz at the Philharmonic, Blues, Part 3 n/a 3:47
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