Religious Music of India

Various Artists FW04431 / FE 4431

Religious Music of India captures many types of devotional songs, including a bhajan, Vedic chanting, and even a popular kirtan (a call–and–response hymn of praise) sung every day at prayer meetings led by Mahatma Gandhi. Swamis, professional and self–taught musicians, students, and pandits (scholars) all perform, using instruments such as the vina (string instrument similar to the sitar), karatali (small cymbals), tabla drums, and bamboo flute. Liner notes include detailed track notes, texts in the original Sanskrit and Hindi with English translations, and musical transcriptions.

Year Released 1952
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1952 Folkways Records

Genre(s) Sacred; World
Country(s) India
Instrument(s) Cymbals; Drum; Ghungru; Karata; Mridanga; Reed-drone; Tabla; Tambura; Vina
Subject(s) World music

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101 Bhajanā - I Am Thy Servant Swami Pravatikar 3:02
102 Rāgă Kāmavardhani Swami Pravatikar 4:05
103 Vedic Chanting - Taittirīya Upanishad Swami Pravatikar 3:46
104 Rāgă Bhairavī Shyām and Kanhaiyā Lāl 3:12
201 Hymn to Shiva Krisnaswāmī Iyer 3:18
202 Rāmă Līlā Pandit Amarnāthă Miśră 3:46
203 Raghupati Rāghavă Rājā Rāmă Śrī Tārāpadă Kundu 3:31
204 Kīrtană - The Black Parrot Śrī Tārāpadă Kundu 6:41
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