Anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo Music

Anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo Music

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This extensive collection of Native American music contains songs from across the North American continent: from the Plains Cree to the Inuit in the Arctic, from Northwest Coast Potlatch music to the sounds of the Southeastern Seminoles. Compiled from earlier Folkways recordings by anthropologist Michael I. Asch, the anthology focuses on the function rather than the form of Native American music. The 50 songs center on social themes such as courting, grieving, hunting, and religious ceremony, and represent the utilitarian musical tradition of Amerindian peoples.

"Modern Ritual and Contemporary Play: Music Traditions of the Inuit, Apache and Pacific Northwest Native Americans"


Esta amplia colección de música nativa contiene canciones que atraviesan el continente norteamericano: de los Llanos Cree a los esquimales en el Ártico, desde la música de la Costa noroeste de Potlatch a los sonidos de los seminoles del sudeste.

Compilado de las primeras grabaciones Folkways por el antropólogo Michael I. Asch, la antología se centra en la función más que en la forma de la música nativa norteamericana.

Las cincuenta canciones se concentran en temas sociales como el cortejo, el duelo, la caza y la ceremonia religiosa, representan la utilidad de la tradición musical de los pueblos amerindios.

Year Released 1973
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1973 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Indian
Country(s) Canada; United States
Culture Group(s) Apache; Arapaho; Assiniboine; Cree; Dakota; Denetha; Hopi; Hualapai; Inuit; Kainah; Kiowa; Kiowa-Apache; Kwakiutl-Nootka; Naskapi; Navajo; Ojibwa; Onondaga; Ottawa; Pawnee; Salish; San Ildefonso Pueblo; Seminole; Slave; Taos Pueblo; Teton; Tohono O'Odham; Tuscarora; Washo; Winnebago; Zuni
Instrument(s) Anvils; Basket drum; Bass drum; Bells; Drum; Fiddle; Flute; Harmonica; Rattle (Musical instrument); Sticks (Musical instrument); Whistle
Subject(s) American Indian; Jigs

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101 Sun Dance n/a 1:32
102 Love Song n/a 0:57
103 Crazy Dog Song Jim Low Horn, Mrs. Emil Wings, and Jack Low Horn 1:41
104 Buffalo Dance Song Kenneth Anquoe, Jack Anquoe, and Nick Webster 1:03
105 Man's Love Song Mark Evarts 0:54
106 Hand Game Song William Peaychew 1:42
107 Prisoner's Song William Burn Stick 2:20
108 World War II Song George Nicotine 1:36
109 Warrior Death Song for Sitting Bull n/a 2:00
110 Canvas Dance Song Eneas Conko and Baptiste Pichette 1:40
111 Funeral Song n/a 1:37
112 Suguaro Song n/a 1:58
113 Peyote Song: First Song Cycle Burton John and Roy James 1:26
201 Moonlight Song n/a 2:09
202 Eagle Dance n/a 2:59
203 Butterfly Dance n/a 1:41
204 Lullaby n/a 0:58
205 Rain Dance n/a 1:47
206 Night Chant n/a 1:43
207 Song of Happiness Fort Wingate (N.M.) Indian School 1:09
208 Silversmith's Song Ambrose Roan Horse 1:09
209 Corn Grinding Song n/a 0:59
210 Children's Song: Wolf Song / Turtle Song / Turkey Song / Puppy Song (medley) Irene Chalepah Poolaw 1:47
211 Church Song n/a 1:03
212 Devil Dance, Crown Dance n/a 2:57
301 Wolf Song Billy Assu 2:05
302 Potlatch Song Billy Assu 1:38
303 Hamatsa Song, Cedar Bark Dance Billy Assu 1:12
304 War Song for Marriage Billy Assu 1:50
305 Rabbit Dance Song n/a 2:03
306 Cree Dance Song n/a 2:24
307 Fiddle Dance Song n/a 1:00
308 Bear Hunting Song Sebastian McKenzie 1:44
309 Inviting in Dance Song Otis Ahkivigak 0:47
310 His First Hunt Kemukserar and Pangatkar 2:06
311 Hunting for Musk Ox Kemukserar and Pangatkar 3:33
401 Corn Dance Thomas Lewis 2:08
402 Stomp Dance Huron Miller 1:57
403 Song of Welcome Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, and Blow Snake 1:19
404 Buffalo Feast Song Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, and Blow Snake 1:06
405 Morning Song Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, and Blow Snake 1:12
406 Song of the Unfaithful Woman Albert Yellow Thunder, Winslow White Eagle, and Blow Snake 0:59
407 Hoot Owl Song David, Oshawenimiki Kenosha 1:09
408 Oh Mary Fred Lacasse 1:01
409 Catholic Hymn Thomas Shalifoe 0:42
410 Calusa Corn Dance Song Billy, Gatcayehola Stewart 1:32
411 Song of Removal Susie Tiger and Billie Stewart 1:40
412 Fortynine Dance Fred Lacasse 2:00
413 unidentified track Fred Lacasse 1:03
414 As Long As The Grass Shall Grow Peter La Farge 6:03
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