Sharing Cultures with Ella Jenkins and children from the LaSalle Language Academy of Chicago

Sharing Cultures with Ella Jenkins and children from the LaSalle Language Academy of Chicago

Ella Jenkins SFW45058

Known as "The First Lady of Children's Music," the legendary Ella Jenkins is one of the preeminent children's music artists of our time. Sharing Cultures, Ella's first release of all-new performances since 1999's Grammy -nominated Union of Friends, is her 31st release in an enduring (and endearing) career spanning over 40 years! Ella's recordings have won multiple prestigious awards. Perfect for parents, great fun and full of particpatory entertainment for children! 36-page booklet, includes lyrics. For ages 3-8.

2005 GRAMMY Award Nominee for Best Musical Album For Children

Year Released 2003
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2003 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) Children's
Country(s) United States

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101 Where is Mary? Ella Jenkins 3:26
102 Ya Se Van Los Pastores Ella Jenkins 2:03
103 Bésame Mucho Ella Jenkins 2:18
104 Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca Ella Jenkins 0:53
105 Qué Bonita Bandera Ella Jenkins 0:41
106 Quiéreme Mucho Ella Jenkins 2:19
107 Day-o Ella Jenkins 1:59
108 Big Ship Sails Ella Jenkins 1:13
109 Dear Sir, I Cannot Go Ella Jenkins 0:57
110 El Gatito Ella Jenkins 0:58
111 Are You Sleeping? (Frère Jacques) Ella Jenkins 1:12
112 Song of the Seven Continents Ella Jenkins 1:27
113 Guide Me Ella Jenkins 2:20
114 Hine Ma Tov and Hey Daromah and Tumbalaika Ella Jenkins 2:51
115 I Like Names Ella Jenkins 0:47
116 My Name Is Ella Ella Jenkins 0:46
117 Native American Tribes Ella Jenkins 1:08
118 In Dublin's Fair City Ella Jenkins 2:44
119 I Lived in Ireland Ella Jenkins 1:47
120 I Want to Be Ready Ella Jenkins 1:03
121 I'm on My Way to Canaan Land Ella Jenkins 2:11
122 Üsküdara Ella Jenkins 1:19
123 A Taxi Ride Ella Jenkins 1:09
124 Walking Around In Bronzeville Ella Jenkins 1:26
125 Trouble in Mind Ella Jenkins 2:25
126 Pine Top's Boogie Ella Jenkins 1:51
127 Rushing Around in Russia Ella Jenkins 0:41
128 Yellow Bird Ella Jenkins 1:32
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