Deep Polka: Dance Music from the Midwest

Deep Polka: Dance Music from the Midwest

Various Artists SFW40088

Deep Polka brings out the vitality and variety of the Polka and related European-derived dance music played by bands throughout the upper Midwest today. Although little known outside this region, these important and enduring music traditions bring thousands of people together to dance almost every weekend. Outstanding selections from recordings by seven bands, representing seven distinct regional traditions—"Dutchman," Norwegian, Polish, Tamburitza, Slovenian, Finnish, and Czech—demonstrate the deep musical and cultural roots that are so significant to its participants. Extensive notes, song texts, translations, bibliography, discography. 62 Minutes.

Year Released 1998
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1998 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) United States
Instrument(s) Accordion; Banjo; Bass; Berde; Brac; Bugarija (Lute); Celo; Clarinet; Concertina; Drum; Fiddle; Keyboards (Music); Piano; Prim; Saxophone; Trombone; Trumpet; Tuba; Violin; Vocals
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Polka (Dance)

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101 Minnesota Polka Karl and the Country Dutchmen 2:28
102 Karl's Bad Schottische Karl and the Country Dutchmen 2:04
103 Fleeting Memories Waltz Karl and the Country Dutchmen 2:24
104 Gary's Polka Karl and the Country Dutchmen 2:17
105 Remmem Valsen The Norskedalen Trio 2:42
106 Fylke Dans The Norskedalen Trio 1:40
107 All Smiles Tonight The Norskedalen Trio 2:40
108 Ed Quall's Polka The Norskedalen Trio 1:45
109 Dorothy's Oberek Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes 2:08
110 Mountaineer Polka Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes 2:21
111 Chicago Waltz Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes 2:50
112 Happy Fellow (Jestem Chlopak Wesoly) Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes 2:10
113 Gde Su Oni Lepi Cajti? (Where Have The Good Times Gone?) Vatra 3:06
114 Bunjevačko Kolo / S One Strane Dunava (Bunjevac Kolo / On the Other Side of the Danube) Vatra 2:50
115 Jeste Li Čuli 'Judi (People, Have You Heard?) Vatra 2:23
116 Bijeli Slapovi (White Waves) Vatra 2:16
117 Jammin' Polkas The Steve Meisner Band 5:51
118 Meisner Magic The Steve Meisner Band 2:11
119 Jump River Polka The Steve Meisner Band 2:20
120 Säkkijärven Polka The Oulu Hotshots 2:14
121 Maailman Matti (Matti, Man of the World) The Oulu Hotshots 2:29
122 Orpopojan Valssi (Orphan Boy's Waltz) The Oulu Hotshots 2:54
123 Finn Polka The Oulu Hotshots 1:44
124 Owl Polka The Clete Bellin Orchestra 3:40
125 Little Vagabond Waltz The Clete Bellin Orchestra 3:02
126 Around the Moon The Clete Bellin Orchestra 2:44
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