Down In A Coal Mine

Down In A Coal Mine

Joe Glazer COLL01923

Joe Glazer’s (1918–2006) musical efforts on behalf of workers and union struggles earned him the nickname “Labor’s Troubadour.” In 1970, he founded Collector Records, primarily to produce records supportive of the struggles of working men and women.

The majority of the songs on this recording were originally collected from miners by the preeminent folklorist of the coal mines, George Korson, to whom this recording is dedicated. The first half of the recording was made in 1962, with Charlie Byrd playing lead guitar. The second half was recorded before a live audience at the 1964 United Mine Workers of America Convention, held in Miami, Florida.

The liner notes provide background information about each song, as well as additional information about George Korson.

Record Label Collector Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright (p) (c) Collector Records / (p) (c) 2010 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk

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101 Down In A Coal Mine Joe Glazer 3:46
102 My Sweetheart's The Mule in the Mines Joe Glazer 0:45
103 The Young Lady Who Married A Mule Driver Joe Glazer 1:31
104 When The Breaker Starts Up Full Time Joe Glazer 2:27
105 Jolly Wee Miner Men Joe Glazer 1:27
106 The Death of Mother Jones Joe Glazer 2:03
107 The Old Miner's Refrain Joe Glazer 4:17
108 A Miner's Life Joe Glazer 3:31
109 The Ludlow Massacre Joe Glazer 3:04
110 Company Store Joe Glazer 0:23
111 Sixteen Tons Joe Glazer 2:50
112 Which Side Are You On? Joe Glazer 2:37
113 Union Man Joe Glazer 2:33
114 Drill Man Blues Joe Glazer 1:38
115 Coal Miner's Heaven Joe Glazer 3:31
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