Wolf River Songs

Wolf River Songs

Various Artists FW04001 / FE 4001

Traditional songs of the Wisconsin lumberjacks are performed by the Walker family. Recorded in 1956 by Sidney Roberston Cowel, the songs are part of Walker family tradition (detailed in the liner notes) sung during cold winters working in logging camps. The songs find their origin in 19th century sailing songs that can be traced back through New England, Eastern Canada and the Great Lakes. The songs are not the usual work songs but instead "They are primarily tale- ballads rather than songs. Their hallmark is a sense of prodigious in human effort and experience."

Year Released 1956
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1956 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) Germany; United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American
Subject(s) Ballads; Courtship; Crime; Disasters; Drinking songs; Folk songs--United States; Gospel music; Logging--Songs and music.; Love songs; Maritime; Military music; Murder; Outlaw songs; Religious; Supernatural; Tragic songs

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101 The Little Brown Bulls Robert Walker 3:17
102 The Lost Jimmie Whalen Robert Walker 3:11
103 We are Anchored by the Roadside, Jim Robert Walker 1:29
104 Foreman Monroe Warde Ford 2:39
105 River Driver's Song Warde Ford 1:18
106 The Keith and Hiles Line Warde Ford 1:31
107 The Nightingales of Spring Warde Ford 3:47
108 The Wild Colonial Boy Robert Walker 1:48
109 Brennan on the Moor Carlton Hawks 2:12
110 Land of Pleasure Elizabeth Walker Ford 1:53
201 The Low Lands Low, or The Golden Willow Tree (Child No. 286) Warde Ford 3:36
202 Andrew Batan (Child No. 250) Warde Ford 3:32
203 Young Johnny Warde Ford 2:50
204 The Flying Cloud Robert Walker 4:49
205 The Sinking of the Cumberland Warde Ford 2:46
206 The Wreck of the Lady Sherbrooke Robert Walker 3:15
207 Pretty Polly (The False-Hearted Knight)(Child No. 4) Clara Hawks Tracy 4:29
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