Vocal Music of Contemporary China, Vol. 2: The National Minorities

Various Artists FW04092 / FE 4092

The music included in this recording—first made by China Record Company in the 1950s—presents a very lively picture of music life in China during the mid-20th century. China is a multicultural country of 56 officially recorded peoples, with Han Chinese making up 92% of the current population and 55 national minorities scattered over 50% to 60% of the country‚Äôs vast land. Many minorities have distinctive languages, religions, customs, economic structure, and physical features. This colorful collection features the diverse music styles of four major ethnic minorities in China: the Uighurs and the Kazakhs of the Tarim Basin, the Mongols of the Northern Plateau, and the Dongs of the Southwestern Mountains. Liner notes include the main idea of each piece and background information on the music genres and the ethnic groups.


Year Released 1980
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1980 Folkways Records

Genre(s) World
Country(s) China
Culture Group(s) Dong; Kazakh; Mongolian; Uighur
Instrument(s) Fiddle; Flute; Gi (Flute); Limbe; Marinhur; Piano; Recorder (Muscial instrument)
Subject(s) Animals; Folksong revival; Love songs; Marriage; Military music; Nature; Occupational; Patriotic songs; Political ballads and songs; Praise; Propaganda; Protest songs; Songs; Topical songs; Wit and humor; World music

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101 Alamuhan Mayinur, Siwen Gao, and the Central National Song and Dance Troupe 1:51
102 My Friends Are in the Country Mayinur and the Central National Song and Dance Troupe 2:00
103 The Village Girl Mayinur and the Central National Song and Dance Troupe 1:34
104 The Lover's Handkerchief Mayinur and the Central National Song and Dance Troupe 1:42
105 The Spring Mayinur and the Central National Song and Dance Troupe 2:22
106 Ode to Peking Aimunisha and the Cultural Troupe of Xinjiang 2:55
107 My Flower Bubtai, Maimaitiazez, and Aishamushajiang 2:20
108 Akatamak - Aktamak Bubtai, Maimaitiazez, and Aishamushajiang 2:10
109 The Beautiful Maiden Aimunisha, Central National Song and Dance Troupe, and Bowei Zhen 3:14
110 Mayra Xinzu Luo and Jinde Wang 2:09
201 The Breeze Jibzeng and Namujina 2:24
202 Lonely Little White Camel Gonger 1:55
203 Alguqib Lazab and Quejinzab 2:09
204 The Blue Iron Horse Lazab and Quejinzab 1:45
205 Naoligerma Tiegang 2:56
206 Meeting at the Fair Aodengaowa, Pulejie, and the Inner Mongolian Art Troupe 2:43
207 Never-Setting Sun Rises on the Grassland Congmao Zhu and Yin Sheng 2:55
208 Guangyin-axinshang Yinju Wang, Runqin Li, and the Guizhou Song and Dance Ensemble Choir 5:30
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