Tribal Music of India: The Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Music of India: The Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh

Various Artists FW04028 / FE 4028

A buffalo-horn trumpet, the hakum, announces the joyful harvest festival and varying types of drums called mandri, kotoloka and kundir take over. A group of women chant antiphonally in leadership of the wedding festivities. Men dance on stilts, creating an intoxicating rhythm that is guided by drums. This is a snapshot of the musical practices found within the Bastar district of India, a region mostly comprised of tribal groups including the Muria and the Gonds.

Year Released 1983
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1983 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) India
Culture Group(s) Maria; Muria
Instrument(s) Chitkul; Dabka; Dholi; Drum; Frame drum; Hakum; Hirnang; Jalar; Jew's harp; Kach tehendor; Kotoloka; Kundir; Mandri; Muyang (Bells); Parrai; Rattle (Musical instrument); Siringong; Sulur (India); Timpani
Language(s) Hindi
Subject(s) Animals; Call and response; Calls; Celebrations; Dance; Festivals; Harvest; Instrumental music; Invocation; Nature; Polychoral music; Possession; Relo; Songs; Sound effects; Weddings; Wit and humor; World music

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101 Karsar - Clan God Festival Music Female and male singers 7:24
102 Marmi Pata - Wedding Song Female singers 3:58
103 Dito Endana - Stilt Dance Garhbangal ghotul dancers, drummers 3:23
104 Karsana Pata: Dippara Loporo - Recreational Song: In the Small Forest Female and male singers 4:33
105 Kach Tehendor - Iron Jaw's Harp Remawand ghotul musicians 1:43
106 Ghotul Pata - Tokaring Warawarang - Wagging Loincloth: A Taunting Song Male singers 2:06
201 Forest Birds n/a 3:15
202 Geri Endana - Dito Endana Female singers 4:47
203 Hulki - Song for Lingo Pen, Founder of the Ghotul Female and male singers 3:28
204 Chandu Binu - Kola Endana - Dandar Endana - Stick Dance Female and male singers 2:55
205 Sulur - Flute Duo: Pargao Par, Anga Karsana Par Garhbangal musicians 2:24
206 Dandami Maria Song Borokameli musicians 1:35
207 Hill Maria Dance Lanka male musicians 1:57
208 Hill Maria Song Female singers 1:15
209 Hill Maria Dance Dondimarka male musicians 2:05
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