Traditional Folk Songs of Japan

Traditional Folk Songs of Japan

Various Artists FW04534 / FE 4534

“The abundant folk music of Japan may be classified under several major headings, religious songs, work songs, ballads, children’s songs, and dancing songs sung at festivals.” This album introduces the listener to all of these different styles, featuring the singing of temples monks, coastal villagers, and city geishas. Also on display is the variety of musical instruments including the samisen, the bamboo flute, and others.

"SORAN BUSHI: Exploring Japanese Work Song(Hokkaido & Kitaki, Japan)"

Year Released 1961
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1961 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Japan
Culture Group(s) Japanese
Instrument(s) Bell; Clapper; Drum; Ensemble leader; Flute; Koto; Metal, struck; Samisen; Shakuhachi; Stone, struck; Vocals; Vocals, group; Wood, struck
Language(s) Japanese
Subject(s) World music

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101 Soran Bushi Group of Japanese men and women 2:50
102 Ezashi Oiwake Japanese singers with accompaniment 3:43
103 Dance songs at Bon in Hokkaido Group from Hokkaido 2:47
104 The song of the rice husking Group of women from Yamagata 3:58
105 Saitara Zinku/Toshima Zinku Group from Miyagi Prefecture 3:17
106 Songs of picking safflowers Group from Yamagata 2:10
107 Sawauchi Zinku Group from Sawauchi 3:57
108 Dyamako Bushi Group from Akita 2:48
109 Dance Song at Nikko Group from NIkko 3:06
110 Songs of Kusatsu the hot spring Group from Kusatsu 1:49
111 Coal miner's songs of Joban Group from Joban 2:44
112 Chichibu Ondo Chichibu man 3:41
113 Yagi Bushi Japanese man 3:13
114 The hack-driver's song of Hakone Hakone man 3:11
115 Sado Okesa Group from Sado Island 2:38
116 Kiso Bushi Group from Kiso 3:52
117 Ina Bushi Woman from Ina 3:55
201 Dekansho song Group from Sasayama 3:22
202 Shigesa Bushi Oki Island woman 2:49
203 Songs of the stonemason Kitaki Island man 2:49
204 The song of the shellfish-gatherer Group fom Tottori Prefecture 2:38
205 The song of bathing in the hot spring Group from Iwai 3:28
206 Shimotsui Bushi Group from Okayama Prefecture 3:42
207 Yasugi Bushi Group from Izumo 5:06
208 Yosakoi Bushi Group from Tosa 3:30
209 The coal miners's song in Kyushu Group from Fukuoka 2:13
210 Shintaro San of the mountain Japanese ballad 3:17
211 Kuroda Bushi Group from Kyushu region 2:43
212 The mower's songs Group from Miyazaki Prefecture 3:31
213 Hie-pounding song Group from Miyazaki Prefecture 3:15
214 Songs of Kumamoto Group from Kumamoto Prefecture 2:09
215 Lullaby of Itsuki Japanese woman 2:03
216 Kagoshima Ohara Bushi Group from Kagoshima Prefecture 2:50
217 Hatoma Bushi Group from Okinawa 2:11
218 Asadoya Yunta of Okinawa Group from Okinawa 2:07
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