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Dihanam - Sri guru Sankardev

Translated Title Vaishnava congregarional music in the Dihanam style in praise of Sankardeva
Track Artist Various artists
Duration 7:52

Devotional Music of Assam


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Sankardeva Tokari Geet Various artists 4:46
102 Gayan Bayan in praise of Sankardev and Madhabdev Monks of the Kamalabari Sattra of Majuli 9:47
103 Gayan-bayan in Dakhinapat Monks of the Dakhinpat Sattra of Majuli 7:48
104 Hiranam Various artists 14:00
105 Dihanam - Sri guru Sankardev Various artists 7:52
106 Dihanam in praise of Krishna Various artists 7:59
107 Ainam Various artists 10:47
108 Deori Mosaia Various women of the Deori community 13:16