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The Song of Roland (Old French): Background and History

Track Artist Mario A. Pei
Duration 3:25

Medieval Romance Poetry


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Introduction Mario A. Pei 3:35
102 The Song of Roland (Old French): Background and History Mario A. Pei 3:25
103 The Song of Roland - Part 1 Mario A. Pei 5:50
104 The Song of Roland - Part 2 Mario A. Pei 6:07
105 The Song of Roland - Part 3 Mario A. Pei 2:03
201 The Song of Roland: Its Influence on Other National Epics Mario A. Pei 3:06
202 Cantar de Myo Cid (Old Spanish) Mario A. Pei 5:04
203 Bernaldo del Carpio (Old Spanish) Mario A. Pei 2:31
204 Altabiskarco Cantua (Basque) Mario A. Pei 4:25
301 Provençal Poetry Mario A. Pei 6:04
302 Rambaut de Vaqueiras - I (Provençal, Italian, French, Gascon, Spanish) Mario A. Pei 5:00
303 Rambaut de Vaqueiras - II (Provençal and Genoese Italian) Mario A. Pei 7:34
401 Cielo D'Alcamo (Sicilian) Mario A. Pei 10:00
402 Cantico Delle Creature (Old Italian): St. Francis of Assisi Mario A. Pei 4:42
403 Cantiga de Amigo (Old Portuguese): Martin Codax Mario A. Pei 1:31
404 Song of Love (Old Portuguese): King Sancho Mario A. Pei 0:59
405 Camoes (Old Portuguese) Mario A. Pei 1:42
406 Conclusion Mario A. Pei 1:13