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Music in Speech (Grocer, Elderly woman, Plumber)

Track Artist Tony Schwartz
Duration 4:30

New York 19


Year of Release
Record Label
Source Archive

101 Why Collect Recordings? / El Venadito (medley) Tony Schwartz 1:40
102 Exchange by Mail / Greetings from Afar / Wimoweh / ... in New York 19 (medley) Tony Schwartz 4:28
103 National Groups / French Song and Comment / Romanian Song and Comment / Nigerian Students / Israeli Song (medley) Tony Schwartz 5:44
104 Religion (Street Preacher, Jewish Prayer) Tony Schwartz 4:10
105 Translations (Italian, Puerto Rican Jukebox Record) Tony Schwartz 4:04
201 Street Musicians / Times Square Accordionist / Carnegie Hall Fiddler (medley) Tony Schwartz 2:16
202 Selling (Theater Barker, 52nd Street Doorman, Salesman, Theater Program, Flowers, Newspapers) Tony Schwartz 5:20
203 Children (Ring Games, Jump Rope, Bounce Ball, Clapping, Bong o Boys Basement Drums) Tony Schwartz 3:39
204 Sounds of the City (Street driller, 9th Avenue "L") Tony Schwartz 1:45
205 Music in Speech (Grocer, Elderly woman, Plumber) Tony Schwartz 4:30