Nueva York: A Tape Documentary of Puerto Rican New Yorkers

Nueva York: A Tape Documentary of Puerto Rican New Yorkers

Tony Schwartz FW05559 / FD 5559

Tony Schwartz’s audio-documentary Nueva York, released in 1955, presents the culture and conflict surrounding the influx of Puerto Rican immigrants to New York City in the 1950s. Tracks feature music lamenting the trials faced by Puerto Ricans in America, personal accounts of hardships and discrimination, as well as recorded interactions between Puerto Ricans and the New York municipal government. Schwartz also includes interviews with native New Yorkers; some speak disparagingly of the immigrants’ dress, social conduct, and growing influence in the city, and others sympathize with the problems of poverty and crime in the Puerto Rican communities. Echoes of this tension remain relevant today. Liner notes include black-and-white illustrations of the Puerto Rican immigrant experience.

Year Released 1955
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1955 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Documentary
Country(s) United States
Subject(s) Documentary; Oral history; Sound effects; Spoken word

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101 Airport Public Address System Tony Schwartz 0:26
102 Reason for Migration Tony Schwartz 0:15
103 Reason for Migration Tony Schwartz 0:19
104 Translation of Juke Box Record Tony Schwartz 3:07
105 Comment about Travel in City Tony Schwartz 0:38
106 Comment About Being Rejected Tony Schwartz 0:19
107 West Side Woman's Comment Tony Schwartz 0:44
108 Comment on Housing Discrimination Tony Schwartz 1:05
109 Comment on Housing Discrimination Tony Schwartz 1:09
110 Housing Conditions Comment Tony Schwartz 0:55
111 Landlord Comment Tony Schwartz 0:55
112 Comment on Food Tony Schwartz 0:30
113 Comment on Clothing Tony Schwartz 1:30
114 Translation of Juke Box Record Tony Schwartz 3:01
115 Comment on Literature Tony Schwartz 0:30
116 Comment on Motion Pictures Tony Schwartz 1:57
117 Interview in Unemployment Compensation Office Tony Schwartz 2:07
118 Song "Social Problem" Tony Schwartz 3:55
119 Singing on Street Tony Schwartz 3:01
120 Woman Above Store Fromt Church Tony Schwartz 0:39
121 Song Inside Church Tony Schwartz 2:59
122 Teenage Boys Tony Schwartz 0:35
123 Comment by Teenager Tony Schwartz 0:13
124 Owner of Paladium Telling About Paladium Tony Schwartz 1:38
125 Children's Ring Game Tony Schwartz 0:37
126 Description of game Tony Schwartz 0:22
127 Another Ring Game Tony Schwartz 0:53
128 Folk Song "Juan Charascado" Tony Schwartz 1:36
129 The Son of My Uncle Has a Cold Upon His Chest Tony Schwartz 1:09
130 Comment of Teacher Tony Schwartz 1:47
131 My Little School Tony Schwartz 0:32
132 Learning to Speak English with Rhythms Tony Schwartz 0:15
133 Newly Arrived Children singing "America"... Tony Schwartz 0:56
134 Little Red Riding Hood Tony Schwartz 2:25
135 Teacher's Comment Tony Schwartz 1:19
136 La Borinquena Tony Schwartz 2:39
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