This Land Is Mine: South African Freedom Songs

This Land Is Mine: South African Freedom Songs

Various Artists FW05588 / FH 5588

Recorded by South African refugees, This Land Is Mine: South African Freedom Songs unites people of all races in the struggle for a South Africa free from apartheid. First composed in the 1950s in conjunction with the South African Liberation Movement, the songs express “the aspirations and above all the fighting spirit of South Africa’s freedom fighters.” The music stands as a tribute to Vuyisile Mini, Zinakele Nkaba, and Wilson Khayingo, three African National Congress members and freedom fighters who were among the first to have been executed under the apartheid system.

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Tshotsholoza Mandela (Go Underground Mandela)MP3 FLAC

Year Released 1965
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1965 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Historical Song; Struggle & Protest; World
Country(s) South Africa
Subject(s) Protest songs; World music

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101 Nkosi Sikeleli Afrika (Lord Bless Africa) / Amandla, Awethu (Strength is Ours) - (medley) n/a 2:36
102 Sikalela Izwe Lakithi (We Protest for Our Land) n/a 2:31
103 U Sobukwe Ufuna Amajoni (Sobukwe Wants Freedom Fighters) n/a 1:15
104 Umboso Ka Verwoerd (Verwoerd's Regime) n/a 2:30
105 Tshotsholoza Mandela (Go Underground Mandela) n/a 3:07
106 Ithemba Edinalo Inkululeko (The Trust I Have is in Freedom) n/a 2:29
107 Imayini Yase (Coalbrook Mine) n/a 3:55
108 Mayibute Afrika (Come Back Africa) n/a 1:51
201 E Tanganiyka (In Tanganiyka) n/a 3:54
202 Izakunyatheli Afrika Verwoerd (Africa is Going to Trample on You, Verwoerd) n/a 1:53
203 Dubula Nge Mbaymbayi (Shoot with Cannons) n/a 2:53
204 Thinantsha (We are the Youth) n/a 2:09
205 Thina Sizwe (We the Africans) n/a 2:29
206 Oh Tanganiykans n/a 3:41
207 Ibande Nge Lami (The Belt is Mine) n/a 1:53
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