The Original Read-In for Peace in Vietnam

The Original Read-In for Peace in Vietnam

Various Artists FW09752 / FL 9752 / BR 452

Recorded on February 20, 1966, in New York City, the Read-In for Peace in Vietnam was a cultural event aimed not only at registering dissent against the American war in Vietnam, but also at “bearing witness to the viability of the American conscience.” The evening featured 29 writers and artists performing works relevant to the anti-war effort. Most notably, the roster of speakers included such giants of 20th-century American writing as Susan Sontag, Robert Lowell, Arthur Miller, and William Styron. The album of the event, released in 1967, contains representative excerpts from each speaker in order to convey the “essential mood or message” of the event. Liner notes offer a brief introduction to the record, as well as a transcript of the readings included on the album.

Year Released 1967
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1967 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American History; Poetry; World History
Country(s) United States
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Literature; Spoken word

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101 Read-In for Peace Statement Oscar Sachs 1:02
102 Read-In for Peace Statement Stanley Kauffman 1:28
103 Read-In for Peace Statement Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee 3:38
104 Read-In for Peace Statement Alan Dugan 1:40
105 A Walker in the City (excerpt) Alfred Kazin 2:24
106 Read-In for Peace Statement Susan Sontag 4:06
107 Vapor Trail Reflected in a Frog Pond (excerpt) Galway Kinnell 2:42
108 Read-In for Peace Statement Viveca Lindfors 2:17
109 We Are the Humans (excerpt) Denise Levertov 1:43
110 Love Have Mercy Upon Us William Gibson 2:24
111 Read-In for Peace Statement Jules Feiffer 2:59
112 On the Birth of a Child Louis Untermeyer 1:19
113 The Long March (excerpt) William Styron 2:04
114 Juno and the Paycock (excerpt) Maureen Stapleton 1:58
115 Read-In for Peace Statement Tony Randall 1:58
116 False Entry (excerpt) Hortense Calisher 1:42
117 Poem, 1961 (excerpt) Robert Lowell 1:48
118 Fragment: The Pride of Man (excerpt) Lenore Marshall 2:08
119 Read-In for Peace Statement Arthur Miller 1:50
120 Reading-In (excerpt) Joel Oppenheimer 1:48
121 The Search for Love (excerpt) William Melvin Kelly 2:35
122 Read-In for Peace Statement Walter Lowenfels 1:30
123 Read-In for Peace Statement Norman Mailer 2:18
124 Catch-22 (excerpt) Fritz Weaver 4:01
125 Read-In for Peace Statement Muriel Rukeyser 1:36
126 Read-In for Peace Statement Bernard Malamud 1:43
127 The Daughters of the Horse Leech (excerpt) Stanley Kunitz 1:19
128 Read-In for Peace Statement Lillian Hellman 2:15
129 Read-In for Peace Statement Harvey Swados 2:16
130 closing remarks Stanley Kauffman 0:30
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