The Best of Broadside 1962-1988: Anthems of the American Underground from the Pages of Broadside Magazine

The Best of Broadside 1962-1988: Anthems of the American Underground from the Pages of Broadside Magazine

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The Best of Broadside, Anthems of the American Underground from the Pages of Broadside Magazine. Eighty-nine songs, including some never commercially released. Compiled and annotated by Jeff Place and Ronald D. Cohen. A five CD boxed set. Broadside was a small underground magazine smuggled out of a New York City housing project in a baby carriage, filled with new songs by artists who were too creative for the folkies and too radical for the establishment. A still-underground Bob Dylan, Janis Ian, Rev. Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick, Phil Ochs, Malvina Reynolds, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Pete Seeger, and dozens of others first published songs like "Blowin' in the Wind," "Little Boxes," and "Society's Child," in Broadside. The Best of Broadside features 89 songs from the Folkways collection, tapes from the Broadside magazine office, and some tracks released on other labels. The set contains a variety of performers, topics, and musical styles that tell tales spanning the 25 years of the Broadside era (1962-1988), but many of them address contemporary issues as well, since the new millennium has not see the end of warfare, nuclear threat, ethnic conflict, immigrants' suffering, women's unequal rights, ecological devastation, and social injustice. This is the underground music that fueled the innocent-sounding Folk Revival on the one hand and the explosions of angry rock and rap on the other. The Best of Broadside brings an era, its musicians, and its many stories to a new audience. The extensive notes feature the graphics of the original Broadside magazine and provide information on the careers of its many musicians with extensive discographies, the stories behind most of the songs as well as their full texts. They also describe the dramatic history of the magazine itself—a remarkable achievement of dedicated musicians and social activists.

Year Released 2000
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2000 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) United States
Instrument(s) Autoharp; Banjo; Concertina; Fiddle; Guitar; Piano
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Folk songs--United States; Folksong revival; Jazz; Music--British Isles; Rock music; Topical songs

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101 Links on the Chain The Broadside Singers with Phil Ochs 4:15
102 Blowin' in the Wind The New World Singers 2:32
103 Paths of Victory The Broadside Singers 1:38
104 The Ballad of Ira Hayes Peter La Farge 3:35
105 Ain't That News? The Broadside Singers with Tom Paxton 1:40
106 The Times I've Had The Broadside Singers with Phil Ochs 2:53
107 Go Limp Matt McGinn 2:33
108 Ding Dong Dollar The Glasgow Song Guild 1:58
109 Mack the Bomb Pete Seeger 2:40
110 The Civil Defense Sign Mark Spoelstra 3:50
111 Let Me Die in My Footsteps Happy Traum and Bob Dylan 3:42 Not Available for Download
112 Hiroshima, Nagasaki Russian Roulette Jim Page 4:52
113 What Have They Done to the Rain? Malvina Reynolds 2:18
114 Ballad of William Worthy Phil Ochs 2:09
115 Train for Auschwitz Tom Paxton 3:50
116 Do as the Doukhobors Do Pete Seeger 2:12
117 Christine The Broadside Singers with Tom Paxton 2:21
118 As Long as the Grass Shall Grow Peter La Farge 5:06
201 John Brown Bob Dylan 4:19 Not Available for Download
202 Take Me for a Walk (Morning Dew) Bonnie Dobson 4:19
203 The Willing Conscript Pete Seeger 2:16
204 Kill for Peace The Fugs 2:12
205 Plains of Nebrasky-o Eric Andersen and Phil Ochs 2:50
206 Benny Kid Paret Gil Turner 3:44
207 What Did You Learn in School Today? Tom Paxton 2:01
208 Changin' Hands The Broadside Singers with Phil Ochs 2:40
209 Welcome, Welcome Emigranté The Broadside Singers with Buffy Sainte-Marie 2:06
210 Shady Acres Janis Ian 3:24
211 Lord, Hold Back the Waters Will McLean 3:50
212 Ballad of Donald White Bob Dylan 4:31 Not Available for Download
213 Song for Patty Sammy Walker 5:54
214 A Very Close Friend of Mine Richard Black 2:35
215 Long Time Troubled Road Eric Andersen 3:22
216 Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Pete Seeger 5:19
301 Mississippi Goddam Nina Simone 4:59 Not Available for Download
302 We'll Never Turn Back The Freedom Singers 3:34 Not Available for Download
303 Freedom Riders Phil Ochs 2:15
304 Father's Grave (for Cordell Reagon) The Broadside Singers with Len Chandler 3:49
305 Baby, I've Been Thinking (Society's Child) Janis Ian 2:44
306 I'm Going To Get My Baby Out Of Jail Len Chandler and Bernice Johnson Reagon 5:03
307 The Ballad Of Martin Luther King Mike Millius 2:57
308 Carry It On The Broadside Singers with Len Chandler 3:17
309 Birmingham Sunday Richard Fariña 4:01 Not Available for Download
310 The Migrant's Song Danny Valdez and Augustin Lira 5:08
311 El Picket Sign El Teatro Campesino 3:15
312 La Lucha Continuará Danny and Judy Rose-Redwood 5:26
313 Contra La Por (Against Fear) Raimon 1:55
314 Mrs. Clara Sullivan's Letter Pete Seeger 2:23
315 If It Wasn't For The Union Matt McGinn 2:57
316 More Good Men Going Down The Broadside Singers with David Blue 3:00
317 Sundown Sis Cunningham 5:56
318 My Oklahoma Home (It Blowed Away) Sis Cunningham 5:01
319 Draglines Deborah Silverstein & The New Harmony Sisterhood Band 3:22
320 My Father's Mansion's Many Rooms Pete Seeger 2:05
401 Pinkville Helicopter Thom Parrott 3:50
402 Hell No, I Ain't Gonna Go Matt Jones and Elaine Laron 3:28
403 We Seek No Wider War Phil Ochs 4:19
404 Waist Deep In The Big Muddy Pete Seeger 3:03
405 Vietnam Paul Kaplan 5:45
406 Hole In The Ground Thom Parrott 3:53
407 To Be A Killer Wes Houston 1:51
408 New York J-D Blues Pete Seeger 6:00
409 Little Boxes Malvina Reynolds 2:11
410 Not Enough To Live On But A Little Too Much To Die Mike Millius 2:21
411 The Faucets Are Dripping Malvina Reynolds 3:51
412 Bizzness Ain't Dead The New World Singers 2:31
413 Business Pete Seeger 2:07
414 Legal-Illegal Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger 4:10
415 Brown Water And Blood Jeff Ampolsk 3:50
416 The Aberfan Coal Tip Tragedy Thom Parrott 5:11
417 Lafayette Lucinda Williams 3:48
418 The Ballad Of Earl Durand Charlie Brown 7:23
419 Plastic Jesus Ernie Marrs, Bud Foote, Eleanor Walden, and Danny Smith (The Dixie Devils) 3:40
501 Burn, Baby, Burn Jimmy Collier and Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick 4:16
502 The Cities Are Burning Jimmy Collier and Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick 3:45
503 Nothing But His Blood Jimmy Collier and Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick 2:56
504 You're Just A Laughing Fool Jimmy Collier and Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick 3:26
505 Time Is Running Out Wendy Smith 2:56
506 But If I Ask Them Sis Cunningham 4:49
507 Ragamuffin Minstrel Boy Sammy Walker 2:47
508 Changes Phil Ochs 4:19
509 Bound For Glory Sammy Walker and Phil Ochs 4:06
510 Victor Jara Arlo Guthrie 4:20 Not Available for Download
511 We Will Never Give Up Kristin Lems 3:49
512 Inez Bev Grant and the Human Condition 3:00
513 Gonna Be An Engineer Peggy Seeger 4:32
514 Don't Talk To Strangers Chris Gaylord 7:34
515 Catcher In The Rye Sammy Walker 4:40
516 The Time Will Come Elaine White 4:51
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