Bunkhouse and Forecastle Songs of the Northwest

Bunkhouse and Forecastle Songs of the Northwest

Stanley G. Triggs FW03569 / FG 3569

For many years working a variety of jobs in British Columbia construction camps, railroad gangs, logging and tugboat crews—Stanley G. Triggs’s resume would make any outdoorsman proud. Add folk singer and mandolin player to the list, and you have all the ingredients for Bunkhouse and Forecastle Songs of the Northwest. Triggs eventually turned to photography and music-making for his living, but the repertoire he performed consisted mainly of those “folk” songs he had heard and sung in the logging and construction camps. He became a part of Vancouver’s folk revival scene, and someone suggested that he send a demo tape to Sam Gesser, a Canadian producer for Folkways Records.

The tracks featured on this album are drawn from Triggs’s experiences, and were still commonly heard in the camps at the time of the recording. Liner notes include lyrics and notes on the songs, illustrated with some of Triggs’s original photographs of the Canadian Northwest.

Year Released 1961
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1961 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) Canada
Culture Group(s) British-Canadian
Instrument(s) Mandolin; Vocals
Subject(s) Ballads; Crime; Dance; Disasters; Drinking songs; Folksong revival; Instrumental music; Logging--Songs and music.; Love songs; Maritime; Nature; Occupational; Outlaw songs; Railroads; Temperance; Tragic songs; Waltz; Wit and humor; Working class--Songs and music

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101 The Oda G. Stanley G. Triggs 2:27
102 The Wreck of the Number Nine Stanley G. Triggs 2:02
103 The Blue Velvet Band Stanley G. Triggs 2:13
104 The Homesick Trapper Stanley G. Triggs 1:35
105 The Grand Hotel Stanley G. Triggs 1:15
106 The Kettle Valley Line Stanley G. Triggs 2:10
107 Lardeau Valley Waltz Stanley G. Triggs 2:00
108 Tony Went Walking Stanley G. Triggs 0:57
109 Sandy Morgan's Gin Stanley G. Triggs 2:24
201 The Wreck of the C. P. Yorke Stanley G. Triggs 3:38
202 Meadow Blues Stanley G. Triggs 0:49
203 Brown Eyes Stanley G. Triggs 1:25
204 The Lookout in the Sky Stanley G. Triggs 2:01
205 The Mad Trapper of Rat River Stanley G. Triggs 2:53
206 Lake of Crimson Stanley G. Triggs 1:11
207 Moonlight and Skies Stanley G. Triggs 2:04
208 So Long to the Kicking Horse Canyon Stanley G. Triggs 2:03
209 Pretty Words and Poetry Stanley G. Triggs 1:30
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