Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 2: Stack Music Sampler; or Make Up of a Train

Sounds of Steam Locomotives, No. 2: Stack Music Sampler; or Make Up of a Train

Various Artists FW06153 / FX 6153

In 1957 Vinton Wight recorded and collected the sounds various different Steam Locomotives. He explains that “Stack Music” is “that delightful sound caused by super heated steam, exhausted from the cylinder, through the stack of a locomotive.” Other sounds include the wheels clanking on the tracks, bells ringing and other engine sounds, all of which create an interesting rhythmic listen. As Wight says of train sounds: they can be “soft and soothing” or “loud and commanding”; a sort of “symphony”. Liner notes include information on each train and a biography of Wight.

Year Released 1957
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1957 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Sounds
Country(s) United States
Subject(s) Sound effects

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101 No. 510 Switching n/a 4:29
102 No. 4958 Leaving Yards n/a 1:24
103 No. 5116 Climbing to Elevator n/a 2:22
104 No. 5112 Struggling Spotting Cars n/a 1:52
105 No. 4958 Returning to Yard with Empties n/a 2:54
106 No. 5344 Simmering on Ready Track n/a 2:59
107 No. 5351 Up to Crossing and Back n/a 1:41
108 No. 5504 Leaving Yards with Train n/a 1:40
109 No. 5355 Passing n/a 1:41
201 No. 5505 Switching at Ashland n/a 2:10
202 No. 5504 Woodlawn Run n/a 4:08
203 No. 5347 and Helper No. 7000 near Firth n/a 3:49
204 No. 5335 Pulling into Yards n/a 2:15
205 No. 5504 Light to Roundhouse n/a 1:28
206 No. 5334 and No. 5351 from RH Simmering and Switching n/a 6:50
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