Sound Patterns

Sound Patterns

Various Artists FW06130 / FX 6130

As part of a Folkways Record science series, this compilation is divided into four sections: Natural, Musical, Location and Manmade Sounds. Recorded in 1953, the collection was considered a departure from other similar material: “Like photography and art “annuals,” each issue will include the most unusual — and most common — sounds that exist; and through aural interplay, Folkways hopes to be able to establish a mood not unlike that of seeing photographs and pictures.” The variety of sounds in this compilation, from birds to cars, paints a vivid image of a very diverse and wondrous world. Liner notes include detailed information of the sounds.


Como parte de una serie sobre ciencia elaborada por Folkways Record, esta compilación se divide en cuatro secciones: natural, musical, ubicación y sonidos artificiales. Grabada en 1953, la colección fue considerada como un punto de partida de otro material similar: ”como fotografía y arte“, los anuarios ”cada edición incluirán los sonidos más inusuales -y más comunes- que existen; a través de la interacción sonora, Folkways quiere demostrar un modo no muy diferente de ver las fotografías e imagenes“.

La variedad de sonidos en esta compilación, va de las aves a los coches, pinta una imagen vívida de un mundo muy diverso y maravilloso. Las notas internas incluyen información detallada de los sonidos.

Year Released 1953
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1953 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Sounds
Country(s) Honduras; United States; Yugoslavia (former)
Instrument(s) Talking drum
Subject(s) Nature; Sound effects

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101 Natural Sounds - Wood Thrush, Natural Speed n/a 0:24
102 Natural Sounds - Wood Thrush, Slowed Down to 1/2 Speed n/a 0:30
103 Natural Sounds - Wood Thrush, Slowed Down to 1/4 Speed n/a 0:58
104 Natural Sounds - Crickets (Airplane Motor in Background), Natural Speed n/a 0:26
105 Natural Sounds - Crickets, Slowed Down to 1/2 Speed n/a 0:40
106 Natural Sounds - Crickets, Slowed Down to 1/4 Speed n/a 0:54
107 Natural Sounds - Crickets, Slowed Down to 1/8 Speed n/a 1:09
108 Natural Sounds - Thunder Storm (with Toad and Bird) n/a 1:38
109 Natural Sounds - Alligator Chorus (American and One Asiatic) n/a 1:00
110 Natural Sounds - Two Lions (Atlanta, Ga. Zoo) n/a 0:29
111 Natural Sounds - Monkey (Happy) n/a 0:51
112 Natural Sounds - Monkey (Same Monkey, Angry) n/a 0:34
113 Natural Sounds - Tortoise Mating Call n/a 1:53
114 Musical Sounds - Musicians Tuning-Up n/a 0:55
115 Human Sounds - Animal Imitations by an Eskimo n/a 2:06
116 Human Sounds - Heartbeats n/a 0:34
201 Location Sounds - Chorcha, Honduras n/a 1:06
202 Location Sounds - Talking Drums, African n/a 1:20
203 Location Sounds - Taxi Trip, through Traffic to Airport n/a 2:05
204 Location Sounds - Street Cries, N.Y.C. Lineman n/a 0:38
205 Location Sounds - Street Cries, N.Y.C. Gardenias! n/a 0:38
206 Location Sounds - Street Cries, Hot Dogs in Times Square n/a 0:51
207 Location Sounds - Street Cries, Charleston, S.C. Flower Vendor n/a 0:54
208 Location Sounds - Cow Ceremony in Yugoslavia n/a 0:54
209 Location Sounds - Dawn Chorus, East Africa n/a 1:23
210 Man Made Sounds - Jet Flight n/a 0:17
211 Man Made Sounds - Railroad to Atlantic City n/a 3:02
212 Man Made Sounds - Short Wave Radio n/a 3:31
213 Man Made Sounds - Pump Drill n/a 1:06
214 Man Made Sounds - Electronic Feedback, 7 1/2 Inches Tape n/a 1:26
215 Man Made Sounds - Electronic Feedback, 15 Inches Tape n/a 1:06
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