Songs and Dances of Norway

Songs and Dances of Norway

Various Artists FW04008 / FM 4008

This 1954 release is a snapshot of traditional Norwegian folk music. The record begins with a traditional dance song that dates back to a time when dance music was not accompanied by non-vocal instruments. The fifteen songs on this release aim to cover as much folk music history as is possible: from children's lullabies to songs commemorating religious rituals and weddings. This release, and its accompanying liner notes, gives an excellent introduction to Norwegian folk music and folk life in general.

"Northern Lights: Journey North to Norway"

Year Released 1954
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1954 Folkways Records
Genre(s) World
Country(s) Norway
Instrument(s) Flute; Hardanger fiddle; Langeleik; Seljefloyte; Violin; Willow flute
Subject(s) Animals; Ballads; Calls; Dance; Heroic tales; Holiday; Instrumental music; Love songs; Lullabies; Marches; Military music; Nostalgia; Religious; Supernatural; Weddings

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101 Dance Song - Kjeringji mae stav'en - Old Woman with the Staff Talleiv Roysland 0:47
102 Halling - Kivledal Girls / Lullaby (medley) Eivind Groven 4:12
103 Springleik - Springdans - Springar - Pols - Dance Hans Brimi 1:28
104 Polsdans Sven Nyhus 1:59
105 Sand vass bylgjun - Sand-Water Waves / I Valle - In valle / Mae ljos-blå augo - With Light Blue Eyes / Dei sat so saele - So Happily They Sat (medley) Sigrid Faremo 2:18
106 Eg kan 'kje gløyme - I Can't Forget / Dei Husmanns døttan - The Crofter's Daughters (medley) Olav Harstad 2:08
107 Halling - Acrobatic Solo Dance / Julekvelden - Christmas Eve (medley) Ola Brenno 2:30
201 Sulla rulla gjertrue mi - Sulla Rulla My Gertrude / Vassro-Fela - Watercreek Fiddle Was Wooden / Bissam, bissam bån'e - Sleep, Sleep My Baby (medley) O. M. (Ole Mørk) Sandvik 1:44
202 Springar - Dance Johannes Dale 2:21
203 Skalgmoyane - Girls from Skalg, The - Gangar Olav Heggland 2:40
204 The Myllargutens - Miller Boy's Wedding March Eivind Groven 3:32
205 Springar - Dance Eivind Groven 2:10
206 Cattle Calls Helene Tronsmo and Ingeborg Jordet 1:23
207 Verses from the Draumkvedet - The Vision of Heaven and Hell Gudrun Grave Nørlund 1:20
208 Roland og Magnus Kongjen - Roland and Charlemagne Gudrun Grave Nørlund 1:30
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