Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shashmaqam

Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shashmaqam

Shashmaqam SFW40054

Shashmaqam, a New York based ensemble recognized in their homeland for their extraordinary musical talent, has been performing music and dance from their native Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan since 1983. Their music reflects the many diverse cultures of the region. Perhaps the most distinctive element of their sound is a dramatic and disciplined vocal tradition. Fatima Kuinova, founding member and vocalist, was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship by the National Endowment for the Arts in 1992. "... [B]rings to life the rich and diverse musical traditions of Central Asia, where Jewish and Moslem musicians long co-existed in a flourishing cultural symbiosis." — NAIRD Notes

Year Released 1991
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1991 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) Central Asia; Judaica; World
Country(s) Azerbaijan; United States; USSR (former); Uzbekistan
Culture Group(s) Bukharan
Language(s) Tajiki; Uzbek
Subject(s) Jewish; Weddings; World music

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101 Obloim Shashmaqam 3:52
102 Ghairi Khudo Yar Nadoram (We Have No Friend But God) Shashmaqam 2:31
103 Jon-e Manam (My Soul) Shashmaqam 5:52
104 To Bodi Sabo Shashmaqam 3:51
105 Dostanra Gum Makun (Don't Lose Your Friends) Shashmaqam 3:09
106 Biyo Yak (Come Once) Shashmaqam 3:11
107 Medley of Songs from Wedding Repertory: Yar-Yar / Abru Kosh Dumi Mor / Shastu-Shastu Chor / Chashmi Siyah Dori / doire interlude / Mahvashi Nozuk Badanam / Orzu Shashmaqam 5:40
108 Talqin-i Bayat Shashmaqam 5:11
109 Nasr-i Chargah Shashmaqam 7:31
110 Ushshaq-i Samarkand Shashmaqam 5:28
111 Qalandari Shashmaqam 3:12
112 Yalli Shashmaqam 3:28
113 Azerbaijani Segah Shashmaqam 4:31
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