Seems Like Romance to Me

Seems Like Romance to Me

Various Artists SFS60016

Traditional fiddling has been heard in Ohio from the time of the area’s first frontier settlement, some 15 years before Ohio achieved statehood in 1803. In these early times the frontier town was a source of survival and an outpost of civilization in a hostile environment. Community members came together often to accomplish tasks from house raisings to harvests and to join together in mutual celebration at weddings and other family occasions. Rare was the community event that did not conclude with a dance to the lively music of the country fiddler. In the years since Ohio’s frontier settlement, many new influences have crossed Ohio’s borders, touching the fiddling of this region. Railroads, the recording industry, radio, and geographic migration have introduced new fiddle styles and repertoires and have stimulated renewed interest in Ohio’s fiddling traditions. The result today is a wonderful variety of fiddling throughout Ohio, as rich and vital as that of any state.

This project, originally released in 1985, was made possible by grants from the Ohio Arts Council/Ohio Humanities Council Join Program and the National Endowment of the Arts.

Year Released 1985
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Special Series
Copyright 2017 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk; Old Time

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101 Pumpkin Vine Jimmy Wheeler 2:36
102 Yellow Barber Jimmy Wheeler 2:59
103 Hound Chase Arnold Sharp 2:32
104 Fine Times at Our House (Kitty's Got a Baby'o) Arnold Sharp 2:14
105 Trumpey's Hoedown Cecil Plum 2:35
106 Laurel Mountain Breakdown Cecil Plum 1:54
107 Sugar Barrel Lonnie Seymour 2:10
108 Chillicothe Two-Step Lonnie Seymour 3:12
109 Coon in a Treetop John Hannah 2:49
110 Cumberland Blues John Hannah 2:25
111 Turkey in the Straw Cliff and Telford Hardesty 2:30
112 Heel and Toe Polka Cliff and Telford Hardesty 1:11
113 Soldier's Joy Cliff and Telford Hardesty 2:14
114 Baltzell's Tune Rollie Hommon 1:34
115 Snowshoes Rollie Hommon 1:40
116 Durang's Hornpipe Kenny Sidle 2:06
117 Brushy Fork Kenny Sidle 1:24
118 Cottage Hill Kenny Sidle 1:54
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