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  • ALBUM Slave Shout Songs from the Coast of Georgia

    The McIntosh County Shouters

  • ALBUM Baptist Shouts and Gospel Songs

    Brother John Sellers

  • ALBUM Spirituals and Shout Songs from the Georgia...

    The McIntosh County Shouters

  • TRACK Saratoga Shout

    Luis Russell and His Orchestra

  • TRACK Shout On

    Lead Belly

  • TRACK Shout Lula

    Oren Jenkins

  • TRACK Quality Shout

    The Quality Serenaders

  • TRACK A Shout

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Shout Lulu

    Various Artists

  • TRACK Clap and Shout

    Holiness Church

  • TRACK Shout Lulu

    The New Lost City Ramblers

  • TRACK London Shout

    Little Brother Montgomery

  • TRACK Clap, Shout and Shriek

    Holiness Church

  • ALBUM Been in the Storm So Long - Spirituals &...

    Moving Star Hall Singers

  • TRACK Shout Lulu

    W. Guy Bruce

  • TRACK Shouting Time

    The Madison Prayer Band

  • TRACK Carolina Shout

    Jimmy Johnson's Jazz Boys

  • TRACK Shouting in Jerusalem

    Mike Seeger

  • TRACK Israelites Shouting

    Various Artists