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  • ALBUM Anglo-American Ballads

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK American Beauty Rag

    Joseph Lamb

  • ALBUM Songs of the North Star State

    Gene Bluestein

  • TRACK John Peel

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK Earl Richard

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK The Red Herring

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK Earl of Murray

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK A North Country Maid

    Hermes Nye

  • TRACK Hermit's Bell Overture Written by Maillart

    American Symphony Orchestra (New York, N.Y.)

  • ALBUM Walkie in the Parlor

    Bob and Evelyne Beers

  • TRACK Railroad Bill

    Walt Robertson

  • TRACK Fortune

    Glen Smith

  • TRACK Ground Hog

    Vester Jones

  • TRACK Old Jimmy Sutton

    Vester Jones

  • TRACK Mississippi Sawyer

    Glen and Frank Smith

  • TRACK Old Ruby (Old Reuben)

    Vester Jones