Sea Music of Many Lands: The Pacific Heritage

Sea Music of Many Lands: The Pacific Heritage

Various Artists FW38405 / FSS 38405

Recorded in 1980 at the annual Festival of the Sea in San Francisco, Sea Music of Many Lands: The Pacific Heritage showcases maritime music from around the world. The music ranges from shanties and ballads (“Grey Funnel Line”) to instrumental medleys (“Ships Are Sailing/Foxhunters Reel/High Reel”) and ensemble pieces (“Décimas del Folklore Venezolano”). From England, Ireland, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Chile, and many other countries, these songs express the joys and hardships of life on the sea. Liner notes include information on the cultural groups represented, track notes, and lyrics.

"Pacific Islander Songs, Sounds, and Signals: Music of Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga"


Grabado en 1980 en el Festival anual del Mar en San Francisco, Música del mar de muchas tierras: El patrimonio del Pacífico muestra música marítima de todo el mundo.

La música varía desde salomas y baladas (”Grey Funnel Line“) a popurrís instrumentales (”Ships Are Sailing/Foxhunters Reel/High Reel“) y piezas de conjunto (”Décimas del Folclor Venezolano“). Desde Inglaterra, Irlanda, Escandinavia, Nueva Zelanda, Chile y muchos otros países, estas canciones expresan las alegrías y dificultades de la vida en el mar. Las notas incluyen información sobre los grupos culturales representados, notas de la pista y letras.

Year Released 1979
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1979 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Folk; Celtic; World
Country(s) Canada; Chile; China; Germany; New Zealand; Norway; Tonga; United Kingdom; United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American; Welsh
Instrument(s) Concertina
Subject(s) Folk songs--United States; Music--British Isles; Sea songs; World music

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101 Ships are Sailing / Foxhunters Reel / High Reel (medley) Gold Ring 3:44
102 Seljefløyte / Strilevise / Nøtterøvalsen (medley) Jim Nelson 2:24
103 Greenland Bound Lou Killen 2:31
104 Fiafia 'O Lo'u Loto Fetu O Le Afiafi 2:36
105 South Australia Stan Hugill 3:03
106 Wreck of the C.P. Yorke Phil Thomas 1:44
107 Mocito Que Vas Remando Grupo Raiz 2:37
108 The Five Gallon Jar Jill King and Bob Webb 1:47
201 Décimas del Folklore Venezolano Grupo Raiz 3:02
202 Come All Ye Tonguers Jill King and Bob Webb 1:09
203 Blow the Man Down Stan Hugill 2:49
204 The Tugboat Song Inge Wessels 2:18
205 Lord Franklin Gold Ring 2:12
206 Evening Song of the Happy Fisherman Flowing Stream Ensemble 2:12
207 Grey Funnel Line Lou Killen 3:25
208 Shallow Brown Dick Holdstock 3:54
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