Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts

Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts

Sam Hinton SFW45062

Sam Hinton’s Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts, a delightful re-telling of traditional songs and stories, is a legendary folk album for children. Its reissue allows present and future generations to enjoy what Hinton, like all great folk singers, has done—take traditional songs and make them his own. As he said himself, "I am passing these songs on to you, in the hope that...you will make some of them your own songs, and that you may pass them along to future boys and girls who will call you their ancestor." 24-page booklet. 38 minutes.

Year Released 2006
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2006 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk; Children's
Country(s) United States
Language(s) English

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101 Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts Sam Hinton 2:12
102 The Green Grass Growing All Around Sam Hinton 2:22
103 I Had a Little Nut Tree Sam Hinton 1:05
104 The Crawdad Song Sam Hinton 2:32
105 Michael Finnegan Sam Hinton 0:58
106 Jolly Old Roger Sam Hinton 1:42
107 Old Dan Tucker Sam Hinton 1:37
108 Old Boastun Was Dead Sam Hinton 1:47
109 Little Old Woman all Skin and Bone Sam Hinton 1:15
110 A Horse Named Bill Sam Hinton 2:07
111 The Barnyard Song Sam Hinton 1:21
112 Groundhog Sam Hinton 1:52
113 Three Foolish Piglets Sam Hinton 1:03
114 Old Blue Sam Hinton 2:33
115 Mr. Rabbit Sam Hinton 1:33
116 All Hid? Sam Hinton 1:19
117 Robin the Bobbin Sam Hinton 2:05
118 Frog Went Courting Sam Hinton 3:28
119 The Eagle's Lullaby Sam Hinton 2:21
120 The Frog Song Sam Hinton 3:28
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