Richard Dyer-Bennet, Vol. 9

Richard Dyer-Bennet, Vol. 9

Richard Dyer-Bennet DB09000

Richard Dyer-Bennet (1913–1991) played a major role in the folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s. He founded his own record label in 1955 in order to maintain artistic control over the sound quality, repertory, and style of his performances. His meticulously cultivated vocal and guitar styles, high tenor range, and studied delivery of poetic text attracted adoring audiences across North America and Europe. (For an extended biography of Dyer-Bennet, written by his daughter, Bonnie, see the liner notes for SFW40078.)

This recording contains a wide-ranging mix of folk songs from the United States, England, Germany, and France.

The notes include an intriguing discussion of how Dyer-Bennet achieved a softer sound from his guitar in this recording.

Year Released 1960
Record Label Dyer-Bennet Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1960 Dyer-Bennet Records
Genre(s) American Folk; Celtic
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American

Download Liner Notes

101 The Laird o' Cockpen Richard Dyer-Bennet 3:32 Not Available for Download
102 The Two Sisters of Binnorie Richard Dyer-Bennet 3:52 Not Available for Download
103 Early One Morning Richard Dyer-Bennet 2:04 Not Available for Download
104 The Pride of Petravore Richard Dyer-Bennet 3:36 Not Available for Download
105 Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo Richard Dyer-Bennet 2:02 Not Available for Download
106 The British Light Dragoons Richard Dyer-Bennet 2:56 Not Available for Download
201 Schneiders Höllenfahrt Richard Dyer-Bennet 2:38 Not Available for Download
202 Der Tod von Basel Richard Dyer-Bennet 2:47 Not Available for Download
203 Le Joli Tambour Richard Dyer-Bennet 4:13 Not Available for Download
204 The Buffalo Skinners Richard Dyer-Bennet 3:05 Not Available for Download
205 John Riley Richard Dyer-Bennet 3:42 Not Available for Download
206 The Cherry Tree Carol Richard Dyer-Bennet 4:36 Not Available for Download
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