Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere

Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere

Various Artists COOK05050

An ambitious project to compile "a digest of current Russian comment[ary]," this recording draws together excerpts of propaganda purportedly broadcast on Radio Moscow (we're promised an "all authentic shortwave recorded direct from Moscow"). These excerpts, out of context in their brevity and interpolation, cover a broad spectrum of topics including religion, segregation, the police state and US imperialism; all fall under the general heading of the Cold War. One radio voice assures us, "Yes, my friends, there are crackpots and malcontents in every society." All commentary is in English.

Record Label Cook Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / Cook Records
Genre(s) Documentary; World History; World
Country(s) USSR (former)
Subject(s) Radio programs

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101 Struggle for Supremacy Norman Brokenshire 11:11
102 Slinging Mud in Latin America Norman Brokenshire 9:06
103 Segregation Norman Brokenshire 4:08
201 Aggression Norman Brokenshire 12:51
202 War and Peace Norman Brokenshire 3:46
203 Religion Norman Brokenshire 3:10
204 Free World vs. Police State Norman Brokenshire 1:50
205 Propaganda Norman Brokenshire 4:45
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