“Quihubo, Raza” by Agustín Lira and Alma from Songs of Struggle & Hope

Smithsonian Folkways presents Songs of Struggle & Hope, featuring songs from the farmworker and Chicano Power Movement of the 1960s as well as new creations that speak to social justice. A powerhouse social activist, Agustín Lira spun out songs that fueled the pioneering political theater group Teatro Campesino. “Quihubo, Raza (What’s Happening, People)” became a Chicano anthem during the 60s, and the title works as both a salutation to the audience and a question about what is happening to them historically.

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Songs of Struggle and Hope by Agustín Lira

Year Released 2016
Catalog Number CFV10798
Duration 5:13
Agent(s) Agustín Lira y Alma
Country(s) Mexico; United States
Genre(s) American Folk; Latin; Struggle & Protest
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