Navajo Songs

Navajo Songs

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The lifestyles, philosophies, and traditions of the Navajo nation are represented by songs for herding, planting, harvesting, hunting, blessing hogans, and soothing children. The 1933 and 1940 field recordings from settlements in New Mexico and Arizona beautifully document a music largely vocal and highly melodic with relatively short song phrases repeated, divided, and combined in intriguingly complex ways. Recorded by Laura Boulton. Compiled and annotated by David McAllester and Charlotte Frisbie. "...[A] vocally rich collection..." — The Patriot Ledger

"American Indian Music: Navajo Culture"
"Moccasin Madness! Navajo and Apache Moccasin Game Songs"


Los estilos de vida, filosofías y tradiciones de la nación Navajo están representados por canciones para pastoreo, siembra, cosecha, caza, bendición de las hogans (casa india de la tribu de los navajos) y música relajante para los niños.

Las grabaciones de campo de 1933 y 1940 de los asentamientos en Nuevo México y Arizona, documentan bellamente una música en gran medida vocal y altamente melódica con frases repetidas, divididas y combinadas relativamente en una corta canción, de una manera compleja e intrigante. Grabado por Laura Boulton.

Compilado y anotado por David McAllester y Charlotte Frisbie. ”... [una] colección rica vocalmente ...“- El Patriot Ledger.

Year Released 1992
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1992 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Indian
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Apache; Navajo
Instrument(s) Water-drum
Subject(s) American Indian

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101 Yeibichei Song: Talking God's Song Ben Hudson Begay 4:01
102 Yeibichei Song: Calling God's Song Ben Hudson Begay 3:24
103 Yeibichei Song n/a 2:53
104 Yeibichei Song n/a 2:18
105 Yeibichei Song n/a 3:37
106 Yeibichei Song n/a 3:18
107 Corn Grinding Song Joe Lee 1:20
108 Corn Grinding Song Joe Lee 1:57
109 Six Sway Songs n/a 3:11
110 Six Sway Songs n/a 3:30
111 Four Circle Dance Songs n/a 2:08
112 Five Circle Dance Songs n/a 2:56
113 4 Moccasin Game Songs: Ye'iitsoh Song / Counter Stick Song / The People of Lukachukai / Pinyon Jay song (medley) n/a 2:57
114 Moccasin Game Song: Wildcat Song Pablo and Frank Huerito 2:05
115 Moccasin Game Song: Chickadee Song Pablo and Frank Huerito 1:53
116 Moccasin Game Song [in vocables] Pablo and Frank Huerito 1:38
117 Moccasin Game Song: Cicada or Locust Song Pablo and Frank Huerito 1:51
118 Moccasin Game Song: Antelope Song, Gray Song Pablo and Frank Huerito 1:28
119 Moccasin Game Song: Crow Song Pablo and Frank Huerito 1:14
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