"Pulluvan Pattu - Ashta Naga stuti"

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Album Ritual Music of Kerala

Translated Title Pulluvan Pattu - in praiseof the eight great snakes

The Pulluvan community perform songs to serpent gods as they are believed to be protectors of the land. The pulluvan and his wife pulluvatti perform rituals and sing in village houses. They also conduct the ceremony of 'pampintullal' to propitiate the serpent gods. This form of singing is done only by the Pulluvans. The singing is accompanied by the pulluvan veena and the pulluvan kudam. This song is performed to thriputa or three beat cycle.

Disc Number 1
Track Number 3
Duration 13:22
Country(s) India
Culture Group(s) Pulluvan
Instruments: Vocals; Masonquo
Language(s) Malayalam
Performer Credits