Music of the World's Peoples: Vol. 2

Music of the World's Peoples: Vol. 2

Various Artists FW04505 / FE 4505

Continuing where Volume 1 left off, this album includes traditional musics of twelve different cultures, from Cuban to Sioux, Azerbaijani and Congolese. There are dances, work songs, songs of love and farewell. This is an extraordinarily diverse sampling of music from around the world. Three more volumes were published in this series.


Continuando donde el primer volumen terminó, este álbum incluye músicas tradicionales de doce culturas diferentes, desde Cuba a Sioux, Azerbaiyán y congoleños. Hay bailes, canciones de trabajo, canciones de amor y despedida. Esta es una extraordinaria diversidad de muestras de la música de todo el mundo. Otros tres volúmenes fueron publicados en esta serie.

Year Released 1952
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1952 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Central Asia; Islamica; World
Country(s) Albania; Australia; Azerbaijan; Canada; Chile; China; Cuba; Finland; India; Iran; Israel; Italy; Ukraine; United States; USSR (former)
Culture Group(s) Australian Aborigine; French Canadian; Jewish
Instrument(s) Butterfly harp; Ciromel; Clarinet; Drum; Hu qin; Rabāb; Singing horn; Sticks, Clapping; Tar (Lute); Violin; Woodwind instruments; Xylophone; Zampogna (Bagpipe)
Language(s) Albanian; Azerbaijani; Finnish; French; Italian; Persian; Spanish; Ukrainian
Subject(s) World music anthologies

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101 Cuba: Sutileza Son Sexteto Nacional 3:16
102 Finland: Velisurmaaja Adolf Stark and Aino Karelia 3:16
103 Ukraine: There's a Well in the Field n/a 2:50
104 Canada: Adieu Donc Mes Chers Parents Bonoit Denis 2:03
201 Sioux: Courting Melody n/a 0:57
202 Serbia: Ugasnule Oci Cerne n/a 3:00
203 China: Hu-K'in Melody n/a 3:28
204 Italy: La Novena di Natale n/a 2:03
301 Iran: Courting Melody Segah n/a 3:26
302 Australia: Australian Aborigines - Corroborree Song n/a 1:20
303 Chile: Festival Dance n/a 3:09
304 Albania: Lule Sofo Djale Lule n/a 3:32
401 Western Congo: Xylophones n/a 2:20
402 Jewish: Oriental Kol Nidre Moshe Vital 3:15
403 Kashmir: Folk Dance n/a 3:37
404 Azerbaijan: Folk Song n/a 2:54
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