Music of the Venezuelan Yekuana (Makiritare) Indians

Music of the Venezuelan Yekuana (Makiritare) Indians

Various Artists FW04104 / FE 4104

"The Yekuana Indians, also known as Makiritare, whose total population is estimated at 1,500 to 2,000 persons, are the people whose life is closely related to the rivers as is suggested by their tribal name, which can be translated as ‘curiara (dugout canoa) people’ or ‘river people.’ When discovered around 1758-59 by the Spaniards, the Yekuana lived along several tributaries of the Upper Orinoco."

Walter Coppens and Isaías Rodríguez

"Lon indios Yekuana, también conocidos como Makiritare, cuya población es se estima entre 1.500 y 2000 personas, es un pueblo cuya vida está estrechamente unida a los ríos, como es sugerido por el nombre de la tribu que puede ser traducido como ‘gente de curiara’ (canoa) o ‘gente del río.’ Cuando fueron descubiertos por los españoles, alrededor de 1758-59, los Yekuana vivían a lo largo de varios tributarios del Alto Orinoco..."

Walter Coppens e Isaías Rodríguez

Year Released 1975
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1975 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Indian; World
Country(s) Venezuela
Culture Group(s) Yecuana
Instrument(s) Cane flute; Clarinet
Subject(s) American Indian

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101 Yuwanade Dëma Yekuana singers from Jiwitiña 2:30
102 Deer Flute Flutist from Jiwitiña 0:49
103 Ayëja atújuda jëkëma otonejamën Inhabitants of the village 3:35
104 Edanaka hani amöde Women chanting an exoricism 1:40
105 Twin Clarinets Male clarinet player and female clarinet player 1:08
106 Mëdëjene Chanters from Kuamaña 4:17
107 Welcoming Music Jiwitiña drummers, clarinet 3:17
201 Paddle Stroke Rhythm Crew of eight Yekuana 2:20
202 Adejedamo Dëma Villagers of Kanarakuña 2:15
203 Tortoise Shell Yekuana musicians from Jiwitiña 2:22
204 Sichukë Yekuana girls from Jiwitiña 0:50
205 Kajudu kajiyë nañe Shamans in Kuamaña 2:52
206 Cane Flute Flutist from Jiwitiña 0:55
207 Mëdëje nañe mëdawakukë Jiwitiña musicians 2:35
208 Tawaniwëychi Shaman from Mauakuña 1:56
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