Music of the Orient

Music of the Orient

Various Artists FW04157 / FE 4157

Compiled by the German ethnologist Dr. E.M. Von Hornbostel (of the Hornbostel-Sachs instrument classification system), this 1979 collection provides a cross-section of traditional Asian music. Prominently featured is the vocal music and Gamelan orchestras of the Bali and Java regions of Indonesia; other locations represented on this compilation include Japan, China, Thailand, India, Persia, Egypt, and Tunis. The liner notes contain diagrams and descriptions of the tonal structures of each song, translations of some lyrics and mythology associated with the music, along with photos of the musicians and their instruments.

Year Released 1979
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1979 Folkways Records
Genre(s) Central Asia; Islamica; World
Country(s) China; Egypt; India; Indonesia; Iran; Japan; Thailand; Tunisia
Instrument(s) Bonang (Gong); Di (Flute); Drum; Flute; Gambang (Xylophone); Gender (Musical instrument); Gong; Hu hu; Hu qin; Katapi; Lo (Drum); Lute; Metallophone; Nāy; Oud; Paiban (Clappers); Pang-ku; Qanun; Rabāb; San xian; Sarangi; Saron; Shakuhachi; Shamisen; Siao Lo; Sticks (Musical instrument); Suling (Musical instrument); Violin; Xylophone
Subject(s) Art song; Baschrav; Dance; Djanger (Dance); Drama; Epic literature; Folksong revival; Gamelan; Gender Wayang (Music); Love songs; Naga-uta; Opera; Pantomime; Popular music; Shadow puppets; Shinnai; Sitting dance; Songs; Theater; World music

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101 Naga-uta "Urashima" Female singer 3:17
102 Ha-uto "Umenimo Haru" Japanese female singer and two guitars 3:11
103 Shinnai "Sekitori senryōnobori" Naga-uta singers, guitars and violin 3:08
104 Mat-sumae-Oiwake Oiwake singer and flute 3:02
105 Classical Drama (Kun'oh'ü) "Pi-p'a-chi" Male singers 3:24
106 Modern Drama (Hsi-pi) "Tso fang Tsao" Male singers 3:09
201 Modern Drama (Pang-tse) "Nan-tien-men" Female singers 2:39
202 Sundanese Song "Udan mas" Female singer 2:55
203 Kraton Jogiakaria Gamelan Slendro "Sekar gadung" Female singer 2:52
204 Pakoe Aiman, Jogiakarta Gamelan Pelog "Kinanti madumurti" Female and male singers 2:55
205 Koeta Gendèr Wajung "selénero" Small orchestra from Bali 3:11
206 Mogan, Gamelan Anklung "Berong pengètjèt" Gamelan Amklung ensemble 3:04
301 Pagan, Gamelan Djogèd "Tjetjing Kereman" Gamelan Djogèd orchestra and female dancers 3:08
302 Djangèr "Putih putih saput anduk" Male and female singers 2:45
303 Boesoengbiso Gamelon Gong "Lagu Kebiar" Gamelan Gong 2:59
304 Musical Drama "Scene from the 'Rama' Legend" Female singer 2:55
305 Meerut, Sang "Raga Bhairavī" Female singer 3:07
306 Jummoo, Sang "Rāga Bilāval (?)" Female singer 3:26
401 Popular Song Male singer 3:40
402 Song "Maqām Sika" Male singer 3:22
403 Bäschrav "Kuzum" Maqām Hijaz, Part 1 Egyptian musicians playing zither, violin and long flute 3:52
404 Bäschrav "Kuzum" Maqām Hijaz, Part 2 Egyptian musicians playing zither, violin and long flute 3:34
405 Song "Maqām Mezmūm" Tunisian vocalist, long-flute, box-zither and short lute 2:52
406 Dervish Choir "Maqām ḏil" Male singers 2:55
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