Music of the American Indians of the Southwest

Music of the American Indians of the Southwest

Various Artists FW04420 / FE 4420

The Music of the American Indians of the Southwest is one of the most versatile art forms in America. Music plays a crucial role in the ceremonies and dances that embody the culture of the Pueblos, the Southern Athabascans, the Ranchería tribes, and the Plateau Yumans heard in this collection which achieves its goal “..that the American Indians of the Southwest will be justly represented through the art medium which expresses so vitally and strikingly the richness and color of their daily social and religious life.”

Year Released 1951
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1951 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Indian
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Apache; Havasupai; Hopi; Hualapai; Navajo; San Ildefonso Pueblo; Taos Pueblo; Tohono O'Odham; Yuma; Zuni
Instrument(s) Drum; Rattle (Musical instrument)
Subject(s) American Indian

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101 Taos: Moonlight Song n/a 2:10
102 Taos: Gambling Song n/a 1:26
103 San Ildefonso: Eagle Dance n/a 2:57
104 Zuni: Rain Dance n/a 4:44
105 Hopi: Butterfly Dance n/a 4:58
201 Navajo: Night Chant, Yeibichai Dance n/a 1:42
202 Navajo: Enemy Way, War Dance n/a 2:16
203 Western Apache: Devil Dance n/a 2:51
204 Western Apache: Sunrise Song n/a 1:36
205 Yuma: Bird Song Cycle n/a 1:18
206 Papago: Saguaro Song n/a 1:57
207 Walapai: Funeral Song n/a 1:39
208 Havasupai: Stick Game Song n/a 1:09
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