Music Down Home: An Introduction to Negro Folk Music, U.S.A.

Music Down Home: An Introduction to Negro Folk Music, U.S.A.

Various Artists FW02691 / FA 2691

This 1965 recording traces the evolution of African American folk music from the South.The oral tradition of folk music in the African American community has demonstrated a perseverence through the eras of slavery and segregation while embracing and influencing American popular music through songs, lyrics and performance.

33 songs, 1.4 hours, with liner notes by producer Charles Edward Smith detailing the historical underpinnings of African American folk music and background notes on songs including lyrics.

Year Released 1965
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1965 Folkways Records
Genre(s) African American Music; American Folk; Blues
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) African American
Instrument(s) Banjo; Bottleneck (Guitar playing); Fiddle; Guitar; Harmonica; Jug; Piano; Washboard band music; Washtub bass
Subject(s) Animals; Ballads; Blues; Call and response; Calls; Civil rights movement--United States; Cries; Fiddle tunes; Folk songs--United States; Folk tales and legends; Games; Gospel music; Hymns; Jug band music; Lullabies; Music--Juvenile; Play-party; Prison songs; Protest songs; Railroads; Skiffle; Spirituals (Songs); Storytelling; Street songs; Talking Blues; Topical songs; Work songs

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101 Take This Hammer Lead Belly 1:38
102 Field Call Annie Grace Horn Dodson 1:18
103 Children's Call Annie Grace Horn Dodson 0:47
104 Complaint Call Enoch Brown 0:44
105 Water on the Wheel Annie Dodson 0:47
106 Railroad, 1 Rich Amerson 1:26
107 Move Members Move Rosie Hibler and Family 1:57
108 Go Pray Ye Annie Dodson 2:32
109 The Day Is Past Dorothy Melton 1:56
110 Prayer Song Dock Reed and Vera Hall Ward 2:37
111 King David Rich Amerson and Earthy Anne Coleman 4:30
201 Rockin' Jerusalem Fisk Jubilee Singers 2:13
202 Just Got Over at Last Little Brother Montgomery 2:23
203 Mama's Goin' to Buy Him a Little Lap Dog Vera Hall Ward 0:48
204 Brother Hawk, Brother Buzzard and Brother Rabbit Rich Amerson 1:59
205 I'm Goin' Up North Satisfied Children of East York School 1:25
206 Railroad, 2 Rich Amerson 1:53
207 Lost John Sonny Terry 3:08
208 Lost John Prison Farm Work Group 4:55
301 I'm Goin' to Pack Up My Things and Back Down That Sunny Road I'm Goin' Mozelle Moore 3:13
302 Careless Love Brownie McGhee 3:18
303 Let Me Go Home, Whiskey Snooks Eaglin 2:54
304 You're My Man - Slick Chick Blues Victoria Spivey 4:36
305 I Wonder When I'll Get to Be Called a Man Big Bill Broonzy 2:20
306 Mule Ridin', Talking Blues Big Bill Broonzy 3:43
307 Black Woman Rich Amerson 4:55
401 Old John Booker - You Call That Gone Gus Cannon 1:45
402 John Henry Furry Lewis 4:48
403 Take Your Fingers Off It Gus Cannon, Charlie Burse, and Will Shade 2:53
404 44 Blues Willie Thomas and Butch Cage 4:11
405 Sonny's Jump Sonny Terry's Washboard Band 3:08
406 Birmingham Jail Lead Belly 2:30
407 I'm So Glad Montgomery Gospel Trio 2:34
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