"Mujer Borinqueña" by Miguel Santiago Diaz of Ecos de Borinquen

Traditional Puerto Rican jíbaro music is often improvised, sung poetry. At the core of the traditional song repertoire are the seis (in which the song form is based on six lines) and the aguinaldo (which is based on a decimal, or ten-line stanza). The aguinaldo is well-suited for detailed lyrical narratives of Puerto Rican history and culture and Biblical stories. Here Miquel Santiago-Diaz, founder of Ecos de Borinquen and one-time Puerto Rican national trovador (troubadour, or singer of seis and aguinaldo) demonstrates the aguinaldo style from the town of Orocovis with "Mujer Borinqueña," a song extolling the virtues of a Puerto Rican woman.

Year Released 2005
Catalog Number CFV10012
Duration 1:59
Agent(s) Ecos de Borinquen; Miquel Santiago-Diaz
Country(s) Puerto Rico
Genre(s) Latin; World
Instrument(s) Cuatro; Guitar; Percussion instruments
Language(s) Spanish
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