Mountain Music of Kentucky

Mountain Music of Kentucky

Various Artists SFW40077

Originally issued as a single LP in 1960, Mountain Music of Kentucky was praised as "the greatest Kentucky record ever issued and one of the greatest records in the entire literature of American folk song" (San Francisco Chronicle 1960). This much expanded compilation features some of the outstanding traditional musicians of the twentieth century with two full hours of performances (60 minutes previously unreleased), new notes, and many photographs by John Cohen. "One of the greatest records in the entire literature of American folk song." — San Francisco Chronicle.


Originalmente publicado como un único LP en 1960, Música de la montaña de Kentucky fue elogiado como ”el mayor registro nunca antes emitido en Kentucky y uno de los mayores registros en toda la literatura de la canción popular estadounidense&ldquo (San Francisco Chronicle 1960).

Esta compilación, más ampliada, cuenta con algunos de los músicos tradicionales sobresalientes del Siglo XX, dos horas de presentaciones (60 minutos inéditos), notas nuevas y muchas fotografías de John Cohen. ”Uno de los mayores registros en toda la literatura de la canción popular estadounidense.&ldquo - San Francisco Chronicle.

Year Released 1996
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1996 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk; Old Time
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American
Instrument(s) Banjo; Fiddle; Guitar
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Ballads; Folk songs--United States; Gospel music; Music--Appalachian Region, Southern.; Spirituals (Songs); Topical songs

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101 Old Age Pension Blues Bill Cornett 2:02
102 Hook and Line Bill Cornett 1:04
103 John Henry Bill Cornett 4:01
104 Pretty Polly Bill Cornett 2:56
105 Old Reuben Bill Cornett 1:42
106 Spring of '65 J.D. Cornett 2:30
107 Sally in the Garden J.D. Cornett 0:33
108 Barbara Allen J.D. Cornett 0:32
109 When We Shall Meet Old Regular Baptist Church (Ky.) 6:13
110 Amazing Grace Old Regular Baptist Church (Ky.) 6:30
111 Across the Rocky Mountain Roscoe Holcomb 3:45
112 Graveyard Blues Roscoe Holcomb 2:28
113 Cripple Creek Roscoe Holcomb 1:01
114 True Love Roscoe Holcomb 3:47
115 Sally in the Garden Marion Sumner 0:51
116 Lost Indian Marion Sumner 0:54
117 Hollow Poplar Marion Sumner 0:59
118 The Death of the Blue Eagle George Davis 1:55
119 Little Birdie Willie Chapman 1:21
120 Lost Indian Willie Chapman 1:01
121 Jaw Bone Willie Chapman 0:56
122 Bunker's Hill Willie Chapman 0:42
123 Cacklin' Hen Willie Chapman 0:51
124 Julie Ann Willie Chapman 1:12
125 Born in Old Kentucky Bill Cornett 2:24
126 Buck Creek Girls Bill Cornett 1:03
127 Sweet Willie Bill Cornett 1:56
128 Cluck Old Hen Bill Cornett 1:25
129 Coney Island (Coney Isle) Roscoe Holcomb 1:44
130 Baby Let Your Hair Roll Down Roscoe Holcomb 2:06
131 Wayfaring Stranger Roscoe Holcomb 3:09
132 Stingy Woman Roscoe Holcomb 2:01
133 East Virginia Roscoe Holcomb 3:30
134 Single Girl Roscoe Holcomb 1:56
135 Black Eyed Suzy Roscoe Holcomb 1:27
136 Hills of Mexico Roscoe Holcomb 2:55
137 Foreign Lander Martha Hall 0:52
138 Kitty Alone Martha Hall 1:17
139 Young and Tender Ladies Martha Hall 0:42
140 Charlie's Neat Granville Bowling 0:46
141 Cotton Eyed Joe Granville Bowling 0:42
142 Little Sunshine Granville Bowling 0:52
143 Wild Bill Jones Granville Bowling 1:43
144 Great Speckled Bird Holiness Church 1:34
145 Clap and Shout Holiness Church 1:30
146 Cry from the Cross Holiness Church 2:36
147 Clap, Shout and Shriek Holiness Church 1:26
148 Wagoner's Lad Mr. and Mrs. John Sams 2:33
149 The Absentee Mr. and Mrs. John Sams 1:54
150 The Coo-Coo (Coo-Coo Bird) Mr. and Mrs. John Sams 1:20
151 Marthis Campbell James Crase 1:29
152 Sally Goodin' James Crase 1:41
153 Fiddler a Dram James Crase 2:13
154 Fox Chase James Crase 2:29
155 Old Joe Clark James Crase 2:26
156 Fire on the Mountain James Crase 1:45
157 Ways of the World James Crase 1:20
158 Inch Along James Crase 1:31
159 Skip to My Lou James Crase 1:57
160 St. Louis Blues Lee Sexton 1:43
161 Pretty Polly Lee Sexton 2:14
162 Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Lee Sexton 0:52
163 Fox Chase Lee Sexton 0:58
164 Ruby Martin Young and Corbett Grigsby 2:05
165 No Letter in the Mail Martin Young and Corbett Grigsby 2:33
166 Pretty Fair Miss in the Garden Martin Young and Corbett Grigsby 5:20
167 John Henry Martin Young and Corbett Grigsby 1:12
168 Rocky Island Martin Young and Corbett Grigsby 1:57
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