Southern Banjo Sounds

Southern Banjo Sounds

Mike Seeger SFW40107

A survey of traditional Southern banjo techniques, styles, instrumentals and songs played solo on a variety of 23 mostly vintage banjos. Styles range from 19th-century African-American Mississippi style to a song played in the style evolved in the 1940s by Northern Carolinian Earl Scruggs. Recorded and annotated by Mike Seeger.

Walking Boss

Year Released 1998
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 1998 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk; Old Time
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American
Instrument(s) Banjo
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Banjo music; Folk songs--United States; Folksong revival; String band

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101 Soon in the Morning Babe Mike Seeger 1:24
102 Josh Thomas's Roustabout Mike Seeger 2:41
103 The Blue Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn) Mike Seeger 2:16
104 Darling Cora (Darling Corey) Mike Seeger 3:51
105 Devil's Dream Mike Seeger 1:52
106 Little Birdie Mike Seeger 3:23
107 Around the World Mike Seeger 2:23
108 Whoopin' Up Cattle Mike Seeger 3:02
109 Flop Eared Mule Mike Seeger 1:49
110 Lost Gander Mike Seeger 2:22
111 The Sailor and the Soldier Mike Seeger 2:00
112 American Spanish Fandango Mike Seeger 2:12
113 Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues Mike Seeger 2:23
114 We're Up Against It Now Mike Seeger 2:31
115 That's What the Old Bachelor's Made Out Of Mike Seeger 2:38
116 The Last of Callahan Mike Seeger 1:49
117 Lady Gay Mike Seeger 3:44
118 Down South Blues Mike Seeger 2:48
119 Last Night When My Willie Came Home Mike Seeger 3:25
120 Wabash Cannonball Mike Seeger 2:03
121 Bright Sunny South Mike Seeger 2:57
122 Roll On John Mike Seeger 3:11
123 Needlecase Mike Seeger 1:31
124 Come My Little Pink Mike Seeger 2:45
125 Battle in the Horseshoe Mike Seeger 1:54
126 I'm Head Over Heels in Love Mike Seeger 2:23
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