Early Southern Guitar Styles

Early Southern Guitar Styles

Mike Seeger SFW40157

The guitar fostered great creativity in the South as it evolved from a small gut-string instrument in polite parlors to the big, loud, steel-string guitar now found in our homes and onstage. Mike sings and plays a variety of the styles that were played in the rural South from about 1850 to 1930 on 25 different types of guitars. Featured are: banjo-like styles, rags, blues, parlor and parlor-based styles, slide guitar styles, and many song accompaniment styles. The booklet includes a fresh look at the history of the guitar and its travel South, notes on songs and styles, and photographs of all the instruments used. 28 tracks, 36-page booklet, 74 minutes

Early Southern Guitar Sounds

Year Released 2007
Record Label Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2007 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Genre(s) American Folk
Instrument(s) Guitar

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101 Wildwood Flower Mike Seeger 0:52
102 Old Chisholm Trail Mike Seeger 1:50
103 Spanish Fandango Mike Seeger 2:17
104 Shakin the Pines in the Holler Mike Seeger 2:00
105 Weary Lonesome Blues Mike Seeger 2:30
106 White Oak Mountain Mike Seeger 3:12
107 I'm Crazy Over You Mike Seeger 2:16
108 Can't Get a Letter from Home Mike Seeger 2:44
109 Guitar Rag Mike Seeger 3:05
110 Smoketown Strut Mike Seeger 2:54
111 Big Kid's Barroom Mike Seeger 2:46
112 Fishing Blues Mike Seeger 3:32
113 After All Has Been Said and Done Mike Seeger 2:43
114 Joe Lee's Tune Mike Seeger 1:56
115 Carroll County Blues Mike Seeger 2:31
116 Birmingham Tickle Mike Seeger 2:35
117 Worried Blues Mike Seeger 3:45
118 Kenny Wagner's Surrender Mike Seeger 2:48
119 Arizona Mike Seeger 2:21
120 Pearly Dew Mike Seeger 2:16
121 Risselty Rosselty Mike Seeger 1:44
122 Johnny Doyle Mike Seeger & Alexia Smith 4:06
123 Black Jack David Mike Seeger & Alexia Smith 2:57
124 John Henry Mike Seeger 3:34
125 Buckdancer's Choice Mike Seeger 3:19
126 Riley and Spencer Mike Seeger 4:24
127 When This World Comes to an End Mike Seeger 2:27
128 Leaning on the Everlasting Arm Mike Seeger 1:37
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