Live at the Dunham Inn

Live at the Dunham Inn

Magpie FW31061 / FTS 31061

Magpie, the duo of Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino, has been an important musical fixture in the Washington, DC, area since the early 1970s. Consummate musicians, equally at home with folk revival, urban blues, and early jazz styles, they are known for their versatility and variability of repertoire. On this 1978 live recording, Magpie—joined by seven of their musician friends—performs everything from songs by Jimmie Rodgers, Billie Holiday, and George Gershwin to original compositions and traditional songs.

Year Released 1978
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1978 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) Ireland; United Kingdom; United States
Culture Group(s) African American; Anglo-American; British; Irish; Scottish
Instrument(s) Appalachian dulcimer; Bass; Concertina; Fiddle; Guitar; Hammered dulcimer; Harmonica; Penny whistle; Spoons (Musical instrument)
Subject(s) Blues; Folk songs--United States; Folksong revival; Hornpipes; Instrumental music; Jazz; Jigs

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101 Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues Magpie 2:35
102 Limited Access Magpie 3:06
103 Oh, Lady Be Good Magpie 3:03
104 Don't Explain Magpie 4:16
105 Cannily, Cannily Magpie 2:45
106 City of Savannah Magpie 2:53
201 Railroad Home Magpie 2:48
202 Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do Magpie 3:20
203 That Will Never Happen No More Magpie 3:38
204 Down in the Dumps Magpie 2:53
205 The Blarney Pilgrim Magpie 2:14
206 Kansas City Kitty Magpie 1:35
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