American Folk Ballads

American Folk Ballads

Logan English MON00388

“From the wild-flower dusks of mountain twilights, out of steamy southern mud-flats and dusty midland prairies, off the sun-silver steel of cinder-blown railroad tracks and out of the chill damps of prison cells - from churches and saloons, cradles and gravesides come the songs of America that must be sung.”
—Logan English, 1962 (Liner notes to American Folk Ballads)

Growing up the son of preacher in rural Kentucky, Logan English learned the classic American folk songs he later recorded in New York while also pursuing an acting career. In 1960, English performed with Carolyn Hester for the opening night at Gerde’s Folk City and later helped Bob Dylan secure his first performance at the legendary Greenwich Village club.

In American Folk Ballads, the songs range from sea shanties such as “Shenandoah” to children’s songs such as “Little Brown Dog”. The liner notes, written by English, include a short description or story to accompany each ballad. In addition to this album, English recorded Kentucky Folk Songs, Songs of the Gold Rush, and Woody Guthrie's Children's Songs for Folkways Records.

Record Label Monitor Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / Monitor Records
Genre(s) American Folk
Country(s) United States
Culture Group(s) Anglo-American
Instrument(s) Guitar; Vocals
Language(s) English
Subject(s) Folksong revival

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101 Roll On Columbia Logan English 2:24
102 The Dewy Dens of Yarrow Logan English 2:44
103 Muleskinner Blues Logan English 2:52
104 Red Clay Country Logan English 2:27
105 Buck-Eye Jim Logan English 2:14
106 Shenandoah Logan English 2:45
107 The Talking Fishing Blues Logan English 3:02
201 The Dance Set Logan English 3:17
202 Little Brown Dog Logan English 2:22
203 In the Jailhouse Now Logan English 2:49
204 The Kentucky Mooshiner Logan English 1:29
205 My Last Dollar is Gone Logan English 2:26
206 Pretty Saro Logan English 2:11
207 Mole in the Ground Logan English 1:39
208 King's Highway Logan English 1:42
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