Lithuanian Folk Songs in the United States

Lithuanian Folk Songs in the United States

Various Artists FW04009 / FM 4009

This record serves to catalog the folk songs of Lithuania as performed by first and second generation immigrants to the USA. The rapid changes of measure and unique tonality of Lithuanian folk music that have fascinated ethnomusicologists are present throughout this 1955 a cappella release. The lack of instrumental diversity does not limit the excitement generated by the varied vocal performances of these traditional folk singers recreating songs of their homeland.

Year Released 1955
Record Label Folkways Records
Source Archive Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Copyright 2004 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / 1955 Folkways Records
Genre(s) American Folk; World
Country(s) Lithuania; United States
Culture Group(s) Lithuanian-American
Language(s) Lithuanian
Subject(s) World music

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101 Sutartine Alice Stephens Singers 1:30
102 Volungėlė - The Little Golden Oriole V. Kasparaitis and V. Kapočius 1:14
103 Vidur Lauka-In the Midst of the Fields E. Pigagienė 2:34
104 Nesigraudyk,Merguzėle-Do Not Be Sorrowful,Little Girl Motiejus Navickas 2:00
105 Kaip Ašjojauper zalia girela-Riding Across a Forest of Green Dominykas Petručionis 2:52
106 Vai Leidžia Duoda-Oh, He is Giving Away Dominykas Petručionis 1:05
107 Oi AšIšejau an Dvaro - I Go into the Yard O. Janulevičienė 1:31
108 Oi smūtnas Liūdnas - Oh How Sad and Mournful O. Janulevičienė 1:45
109 Vaikščio' Močiutė - The Mother Was Walking Uršulė Žemaitienė 1:11
110 Vai Broli-Oh,Brother Uršulė Žemaitienė 2:01
201 Susapnavu Dimną Sapną - I Dreamed a Strange Dream Magdalena Takažauskienė 1:12
202 Mergele Graži - Oh, Beautiful Girl Rozalija Pavariūnienė 3:52
203 Oi stovi stovi- Oh there are Standing J. Karauskas 2:26
204 Oi klevi Kleveli- Oh you little maple M. Jonauskaitė 2:16
205 Vai Kaip Aš Buvau-Oh, When I lived A. Jaziukevičius 3:13
206 Ulijana- Julia R. Juknevičienė 1:48
207 Šile Pušynai - In the Conifer Forest Three women from Meteliai Parish 1:38
208 Iš Karčmužełes - Leaving an Inn J. Karlonienė 3:13
209 Vaikščiojo Tėvulis - The Father Was Walking E. Pigagienė 1:58
210 Jau Saulelė Teka - The Sun is Just Rising A. Zautra 2:34
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